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do girls like to sag their sweatpants? 2010-07-31
for all girls who sag their sweats
Do you like to see a lady wearing a twinset? 2012-01-24
Do you like to see a lady wearing a twinset?
Well dressed at home 2016-04-23
Hi,I'm a 15 yo boy who has to wear a strict dress code at home:dress shirt,slacks,dress shoes,nec...
Sequins - for women 2016-08-21 (closed)
About sequins - please be honest
LED dresses 2017-09-20
for women
Socks 2011-01-25
Girls Only- a survey about what socks you prefer
Girls sweatpants sagging 2011-04-16
girls who like to have their sweatpants sagging!
sagging pants 2011-05-17
a poll for people who sag every night day every week
swim suits 2011-08-16
im 15 and wear a speedo when i swim my friends laf at me . want to know what do other teen ...
Foot jewellery 2012-01-30
Foot jewellery
Is sagging cool 2012-05-07
Do you think sagging is cool and do you do it?
Thong swimwear 2012-08-21
Thong swimwear
New Year's Resolution: Wearing Smaller Swimwear (Men Only) 2013-01-02
With the styles moving away from the long shorts to smaller-sized suits, will you join in and mak...
Haircut in stages 2013-05-31
I'm a twenty-something female & I'm going to have my long hair shaved off soon and I want to ...
Leather skirts or dresses 2013-09-30
Out of sociological interest I am curious about who wears leather skirts or dresses more. thi...
Parents and Children Going Barefoot 2014-10-26
This is a place to poll parents and children about their relationship with shoes and going barefo...
Zentai suits 2016-07-28 (closed)
aka morphsuits
People who wear black tights 2016-11-05
just a few questions
How should I wear a Sleeveless Hoodie? 2017-03-01
I just bought a sleeveless hoodie that has a slim fit and I just want to know how I can look good...
Wearing tights/stockings with high heel strappy sandals/mules 2010-11-07
A poll to find out about Women who wear tights/stockings with high heel strappy sandals/mules. Is...
tigty whigty race 2011-01-01
about how race and parents may or may not affect a guys underwear choice
GIRLS- Your Panties Are......... 2011-05-26
Girls, you have the most choices when it comes to fashion and clothing and accessories. This poll...
men painting their nails 2011-06-04
men painting their nails
High school underwear for guys 2011-08-15
High school underwear for guys
What pajama should I wear for pajama day in school? 2012-06-11
Well, pajama day in school ;) And you get to descide what I wear ;) For the persons who have no...