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Cartoon Briefs (only for people who have or wear them) 2010-12-28
This pole is only if u have or wear them, if not,do not take this.
Boys wearing speedos 2011-02-10
Boys wearing speedos
What briefs should I wear? 2012-02-15
What color tighty whities. Ect.
What should I wear to bed? 2013-04-01
What should I wear to bed? I'm 14 years old, and I want to be comfortable when I sleep.
uniform! this is a dare :/ 2013-04-29
i was dared to ask the internet on what to wear for a week, i wear the top thing in all catagori...
Females' fashion & style habits 2013-06-20
Females' fashion & style habits
Do girls like boys wearing shorts? 2013-08-01
Do girls like boys wearing shorts?
Girls! Did you ever lift a guys kilt? 2014-01-27
I'm a girl, I love men in kilts and I love to see whats under them! Now I wan to know what you'v...
Girls favorite type of clothes 2014-07-07
GIRLS ONLY. What is the favorite type of clothes you like to wear in what combination?
Teen Underwear Survey (guys only) 2015-11-16
Teen Underwear Survey (guys only)
Teen in shirt #1 - Home dress code 2016-11-05
Hello again. There was few days from my last poll and I talked with my father. He changed his min...
Are You Sexy? 2016-11-29
Enter your types of body and tell if your sexy or not by looking at others
Your winter 2017-11-28
How do you spend the winter?
opinion of overalls 2010-08-21
What do you think about overalls
Who loves the aprons in your house? 2010-12-01
A survey to investigate and share a love of aprons
what do you wear to sleep and when you wake up? (males only) 2011-04-14
just interested in waht others do i walk around for about an hour in boxer briefs in a robe be...
What Skirt? 2012-08-10
I think I should be allowed to wear whatever size skirt I want what do you think?
Crop Tops 2012 2012-10-01
The crop top (also known as belly shirt, half shirt, cutoff shirt, midriff shirt, etc.) has recen...
Is it strange for a guy to take off his shoes at a wedding? 2013-02-19
Im 14 years old and male.Im 5ft,8 in with light brown hair and blue eyes.Im not a big guy,but Im ...
CALLING ALL GIRLY GIRLS: Choose a forfeit for my friend to do :D 2015-04-18
A friend of mine lost a bet, and has four separate forfeits he can do, I'm leaving it up to the p...
Costume help! 2015-04-18
My boyfriend and I are going to be Hugh Hefner and a playboy bunny for an upcoming party. I thoug...
Do females have to wear short shorts? 2015-11-30
This is to see what the world thinks about whether females have to wear short shorts and to see i...
Cool for the summer 2016-05-20
This is a poll to see what guys wear to stay cool and be cool in the summer heat! People have dif...
What should I wear while promoting my school? 2016-11-08
I'm going to represent and promote my high school to people from elementary schools and I though ...
Guys wearing capris 2017-04-29
Guys wearing capris