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Dress code at dormitories 2016-12-06
Hey, I go to private school where we must wear school uniform (shirt, tie, jacket). I support tha...
Skeleton fancy dress for men and women 2017-09-26
Some friends say that their university has a skeleton fancy dress party for freshers week - pleas...
New Footie Pajamas 2018-03-11 (closed)
I am going to have new footie pajamas made and want your input on what all should be included in ...
Shoe Poll (Guys only!) <3 2010-09-12
This is a quick poll to see how important shoes are to guys, and to see if those that do care mor...
Situation of Being Barefoot 2011-09-13
I always wear shoes and socks everywhere, and I don't like being barefoot. But in these situation...
Undershirts, tanks, vests and sleeveless tops (for guys) 2012-07-25
This poll is about wearing undershirts, tanks, vests and sleeveless tops. guys only asked to ans...
When do you wear your bikinis? 2012-09-04
I like to wear a bikini as often as I can, especially when running and working out. But also when...
Do you wear footed pajamas? 2012-09-25
Do you wear footed pajamas?
Pick my foot wear for a week 2016-05-10
I have been dared to let this poll pick my foot wear for a week
Masked parties pt 2 (for women) 2016-06-19 (closed)
A follow-up to http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/612122. Just for women who like to wear full-face ...
Unbuttoned Shirt Question - Women 2016-08-18
Unbuttoned Shirt Question - Women
Dance Team Uniform {Girls Only} 2010-07-29
II was on a flag team last year and we did some dancing but mostly with the flags. This year we a...
Girls - your bathing suit 2010-07-29
Girls - your bathing suit
When a guy is wearing a speedo or spandex, how should his tool be positioned? 2010-12-14
This is a poll for guys and girls. Guys when wearing a speedo or spandex, where do you position y...
GIRLS: How short are your skirts? 2011-05-05
Every girl has her favorite skirts or dresses, and usually the hemline is at a favorite length. W...
GUYS ONLY: Going to a gas station shirtless..your opinions? 2011-07-26
This survey is strictly for guys. What do you think of being a shirtless costumer at a gas stati...
Socks VS Barefeet 2012-12-18
Socks VS Barefeet
High heel bet 2014-07-07
I'm doing a bet with a friend and I need to buy some heels to wear
navel piercing in india 2017-06-20
this poll is aimed to find out how popular navel piercing in india
Buttoned Up Starched Polos! 2011-04-25
This poll is for both guys and girls who button all there buttons, who have done so in the past, ...
Clothes Poll 2013-04-01
I want to see what clothes people wear, because i am a very weird person. :P
Boys wearing shorts 2016-04-28
I wear shorts all year round, even in freezing winter cos my parents never allowed me long trouse...
Pretty bet between my sons and daughter 2016-11-23
FEMALES ONLY PLEASE! My sons and daughter got into an argument over what women would do in this s...
Men's/boy's fashion 2017-02-01
Men's/boy's fashion
Your Rubber Boots 2017-12-07
Poll on the relationships you have with your rubber boots