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Girls who sag their pants! 2011-07-09
Trying to find out the difference between how girls from different countries sag their pants.
sleeping shirtless? 2012-06-29
Do you sleep that way?
Speedos in 2013 2013-05-28
I was wondering if this Summer are people going to start wearing speedos.
Excess skin showing in the beach; pool- Is it an obligation for boys and girls? 2015-11-30
People tend to feel they must do certain things to fit in, to be called manly or womanly enough. ...
Poll for teens kept in uniform at home 2017-01-10
I have home dress code, my aunt forced me to wear it, and I'd like to know stories of other teens...
Celebrity Endorsements 2017-04-01
A poll to find out the impact of celebrity endorsements and how they influence what brands and pr...
Lost a bet and have to choose between lipstick or high heels 2017-04-17
I lost a bet to my girlfriend and these are my options, please help me choose which of these I ha...
Girls poll: In a bikini and barefoot in the snow 2017-12-13
Experiences of girls undressed in the snow,floating in icy water, etc
Button Down Shirts (guys) 2011-04-22
Button Down Shirts (guys)
Are you self-confident enough to wear a kilt 2011-09-13
A kilt is much more comfortable than pants or shorts. Wearing the kilt traditionally is without...
Men's underwear waistband showing 2013-01-03
For those who like to see the waistband of a guy's underwear showing.
Crop Top 2011-03-12
I think crop tops that show off your belly and/or navel are super yummy!!! I have on a crop top ...
top button girls 2011-04-08
This poll is for schoolgirls who button the collar on their school shirt when NOT wearing a tie.
Ultimate Girl Clothing Poll 1 2011-09-07
Hi, Girls! :) This is a clothing poll series for girls. <b><u>FOR GIRLS ONLY!!!</u...
What kind of underwear should I wear? 2012-01-09
I am a 14-year-old boy.
Preference in partner's sleepwear 2012-03-20
Preference in partner's sleepwear
Why does it feel good to take a shoe off? 2012-10-04
I'm really wondering why a lot of women take their shoe off while sitting somewhere. Is it just f...
Teens underwear for guys 2013-08-12
Teens underwear for guys
how short 2014-02-02
I like wearing short skirts and dresses, but I sometimes think there too short
Waitress outfit 4 sister 2014-10-06
My stupid sis lost a bet to me and has to be my waitress. What should I make here wear?
Guy licking girls boots 2015-01-13
Guy licking girls boots
Guys Summer Outfits 2016-05-14
Guys Summer Outfits
Dress code at dormitories 2016-12-06
Hey, I go to private school where we must wear school uniform (shirt, tie, jacket). I support tha...
Teen in shirt #1 - Home Dress Code (3rd) 2017-04-27
Some time passed, things have changed... And my dress code was relaxed for a while. Currently, I ...
Skeleton fancy dress for men and women 2017-09-26
Some friends say that their university has a skeleton fancy dress party for freshers week - pleas...