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Lost a bet and have to choose between lipstick or high heels 2017-04-17
I lost a bet to my girlfriend and these are my options, please help me choose which of these I ha...
Which of these two skirts is more feminine for you ? 2017-05-30
what skirt seem more feminine to you ;1860's civil war dress with their hoop skirt or 1950's dres...
what underwear are you wearing 2010-07-26
what underwear are you wearing
Should my girlfriend be barefoot? 2010-08-04
Next weekend we are invited for lunch at a friend's house in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. Th...
Workwear 2010-11-24
Poll about different types of work fashion
Button Down Shirts (guys) 2011-04-22
Button Down Shirts (guys)
pantyhose 2012-06-11
Pantyhose preferences
Guys Summer Outfits 2016-05-14
Guys Summer Outfits
Poll for teens kept in uniform at home 2017-01-10
I have home dress code, my aunt forced me to wear it, and I'd like to know stories of other teens...
New Footie Pajamas 2018-03-11 (closed)
I am going to have new footie pajamas made and want your input on what all should be included in ...
Girls wearing trousers and jeans 2011-01-21
I am 16 and go to a private school in England with an old fashioned school uniform with a navy ...
Wearing sneakers and shoes very loose 2011-03-03
I love to wear my sneakers with my laces very loose. How about you?
Footie Pajamas For Your Kids 2011-09-19
Do your kids wear footie pajamas?
Best Pantyhose Poll Ever 2012-12-10
Best Pantyhose Poll Ever
A Poll on Flip-flops 2014-05-16
Wearing Flip-flops around in public is not something I really find the appeal of. In fact, unless...
Views about men in Kilts. 2014-05-19
Curious to know what you think about men wearing a kilt.
Girls: Different Clothes For Different Things 2014-06-23
For this poll you must say what combo you will choose, or write in another one.
Pick my foot wear for a week 2016-05-10
I have been dared to let this poll pick my foot wear for a week
Masked parties pt 2 (for women) 2016-06-19 (closed)
A follow-up to http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/612122. Just for women who like to wear full-face ...
Dress code at dormitories 2016-12-06
Hey, I go to private school where we must wear school uniform (shirt, tie, jacket). I support tha...
Girls poll: In a bikini and barefoot in the snow 2017-12-13
Experiences of girls undressed in the snow,floating in icy water, etc
Bare feet 2018-10-11
Bare feet
Guys: What underwear should I be wearing? 2010-07-10
I just turned 18 and want to pick the underwear that I will wear for life. I need some help. I ha...
Dance Team Uniform {Girls Only} 2010-07-29
II was on a flag team last year and we did some dancing but mostly with the flags. This year we a...
GUYS ONLY: Going to a gas station shirtless..your opinions? 2011-07-26
This survey is strictly for guys. What do you think of being a shirtless costumer at a gas stati...