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A Poll on Flip-flops 2014-05-16
Wearing Flip-flops around in public is not something I really find the appeal of. In fact, unless...
Girls, please vote to help me make my 19th birthday the best 2014-07-29
A silly boy lost a bet to me, so for my 19th birthday he's going to become a human Barbie for me ...
Girls who wear skinny jeans 2015-07-23
Poll for girls who wear skinny jeans
Sandals, flip flops- a must for boys and girls or not? 2015-08-31
These are questions to discover opinions on others based on footwear to see if people wear certai...
Is it Cool? (poll for guys) 2015-12-31
Is it Cool? (poll for guys)
What do you wear to bed? - Guys Only 2012-02-13
What do other guys wear while sleeping?
Hotel sexy fun 2012-06-06
hot outfits to wear around hotel etc.......? (i am 29 y.o. F) female opinions needed ONLY
pantyhose 2012-06-11
Pantyhose preferences
Spandex Leggings - Hot or Not? 2013-04-04
Fashion "experts" insist that leggings on women are a fashion no-no. This poll hopes t...
Dressing like a trans gurl 2014-05-19
I want to know what I should wear for different occasions. I am MTF trans with16b boobs and a pha...
Where do you like to wear the zipper of a skirt ? ( females only) 2017-02-14
Where do you like to wear the zipper of a skirt ? ( females only)
Which of these two skirts is more feminine for you ? 2017-05-30
what skirt seem more feminine to you ;1860's civil war dress with their hoop skirt or 1950's dres...
What sort of clothing do you prefer, and any related mishaps you've had. 2021-01-13
I'm looking for a random sample of what people wear on any given day, and what sort of clothing m...
Your Socks! 2010-07-26
Bored! lol...... Describe your socks?!!
Workwear 2010-11-24
Poll about different types of work fashion
Wearing sneakers and shoes very loose 2011-03-03
I love to wear my sneakers with my laces very loose. How about you?
leather poll 2 2013-10-04
this is my second poll on leather skirts or dresses. i noticed the way the answers were set in t...
Favourite shoes (women) 2016-06-13 (closed)
Favourite shoes (women)
Girls wearing trousers and jeans 2011-01-21
I am 16 and go to a private school in England with an old fashioned school uniform with a navy ...
No longer Resist Being Dressed Up " 2 " 2011-01-25
Well it has been almost 2 years since I made my first poll. In the last 2 years some things are s...
Dress shirts without an undershirt 2012-11-26
I try to convince all my colleagues at my office that wearing an undershirt under your dress shir...
Cartoon underwear 2013-12-06
A poll about boys cartoon underwear and if they are hot. Don't forget to check out my other poll...
Looking at you shirtless (men only) 2014-03-31
You are doing some work outside at your own yard when somebody stops by. This will see how you wo...
Trains on dresses (for women) 2016-07-20 (closed)
Do you wear them? When? Beautiful, dangerous or both?
Punishment uniforms 2021-02-07
Punishment uniforms