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Head shave debate 2015-11-30
I shaved my head for charity last year, I got a number 3 guard all over. I think that was shaved ...
Men's Underwear Poll 2011-04-29
Please be truthful! Thank you! Leave a message regarding or explaining your favorite pair of und...
Underwear in high school (boys) 2015-12-08
Poll for boys in middle and high school and their underwear choices
Are you a man who likes to wear man thongs? 2011-01-21
I have recently noticed more and more men and teen boys using thongs at the gym. In addition, the...
Definitive Teen Dude Underwear Poll 2010-08-23
Yes, there are others out there that get a little freaky. But, this is a basic poll to help a mar...
High heels 2016-04-23
A poll for females. Please answer honestly. 1 inch = 2.5 cm by the way.
Male underwear waistband showing 2012-01-04
Random poll just as the title describes
Men's underwear (mostly for younger guys) 2012-01-30
Just a poll about men's underwear to see what you normally wear and other related things
Black tie outfits (women) 2016-05-14 (closed)
What look do you like for a black tie event? For women.
Micro skirts 2016 2016-05-14 (closed)
A short and sweet one about those short skirts! For women.
Boys in girls' gymnastic leotards 2013-01-07
How do people think about Boys wearing girls' leotards
Wedgie poll (Boys) 2015-01-02
This is for boys ONLY!
New Year's Eve fashion (women) 2016-11-17
All about New Year's Eve outfits. Please answer for this year if you have an idea what you will w...
man in leotard, bodysuit, swimsuit be like this and playing 2014-08-05
For girls and boys Am a 30+ old man, I wear till many years leotards, bodysuits and one piece sw...
Shirtless 2011-04-29
Compulsory high heels 2016-07-31
About the issues reported at Cannes and some UK work places
Boys that go barefoot and shirtless 2011-12-20
So I am a 13 year old boy living in NC. I want your opinion on if I should be more modest or not....
School uniform after school 2015-02-09
a detailed poll on how people wear their school uniforms at home and at school to see ho it chang...
Full Sagging pants poll 2013-11-25
Sagging is a good trend
What do teenage girls wear in bed? 2012-03-15
All you teenage girls out there, take a moment from teasing the boys by not telling them what you...
Wearing Clothes the wearer can't take off him/herself 2014-01-02
This poll is for people who wear, or make others wear clothes that they can't take off themselves...
Halloween 2016 (women) 2016-08-31 (closed)
For women who like dressing up for halloween
Overalls 2015-08-31
In years past, it seemed like all varieties of children wore overalls (with long legs) or shortal...
Underwear poll 2015-03-23
I want to know what kind of underwear is most popular. Here are my results: 1. girl 2. 16 3. ...
Wedgie Poll (Girls) 2015-01-02
This is for girls ONLY!