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Yet another underwear poll for ladies. 2010-07-12
I am trying to amass enough results to prove which is the most popular underwear worn by ladies. ...
How Do you dress for school? (guys) 2011-04-08
Elementary to College Geared Poll
What should I wear to bed? 2013-04-01
What should I wear to bed? I'm 14 years old, and I want to be comfortable when I sleep.
Button Down Shirts (guys) 2011-04-22
Button Down Shirts (guys)
Preference in partner's sleepwear 2012-03-20
Preference in partner's sleepwear
Contemporary dance clothes for men 2011-01-25
What clothes should men wear for a contemporary dance class?
Choose my underwear for a week 2014-08-18
I backed out of completing a dare so as punishment this poll will decide my underwear for a week....
Underwear 2011-03-15
I will wear whatever underwear u choose for the amount of time u choose ( majority rule)
pantyhose 2012-06-11
Pantyhose preferences
Skirt vs pants. Would you rather... 2013-03-05
A friend and I were trying to decide what to wear to an event. We did not know what was expected....
Forced to wear cartoon briefs 2013-12-06
A poll for boys about being forced to wear cartoon briefs and how it makes you feel. Thanks for v...
Halloween 2016 (women) 2016-08-31 (closed)
For women who like dressing up for halloween
Sagging :D (Males only!) 2011-12-18
Sagging :D (Males only!)
Wearing one shoe 2012-01-02
What do you wear on your shoeless foot when going Out in public with only one shoe?
Undershirts, tanks, vests and sleeveless tops (for guys) 2012-07-25
This poll is about wearing undershirts, tanks, vests and sleeveless tops. guys only asked to ans...
Socks VS Barefeet 2012-12-18
Socks VS Barefeet
speedos (guys in America only please) 2014-04-21
this is about guys wearing speedos in America
Guys in skinny jeans(guys edition) 2010-08-07 (closed)
Just a quickhttp://www.misterpoll.com/images/save_button.gif poll involving guys wearing skinny j...
Girl's Underwear Preferences 2011-02-10
Girls 13 and up only please.
Planning my night after a friend lost a bet 2012-04-23
Looking back at my polls, my friends time to serve me is almost at hand, I just need a few more t...
CLEO FASHION AWARDS 2010 2010-09-29 (closed)
CLEO FASHION AWARDS is back! Setelah sukses menjadi pelopor dalam pemberian penghargaan bergengs...
What would be the best outfit for the situation? 2012-07-27
A male friend of mine lost a silly bet to me, and now he's going to be glammed up as a pretty gir...
Men's Jockey Underwear 2012-09-17
This is a poll for both male and female who like Jockey brand underwear.
Goth ladies! 2014-03-10
I personally think Goth women are the sexiest people on the planet. This is my opinion, you may c...
Footie Pajamas For Your Kids 2011-09-19
Do your kids wear footie pajamas?