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GIRLS- Your Panties Are......... 2011-05-26
Girls, you have the most choices when it comes to fashion and clothing and accessories. This poll...
Barefeet 2... 2011-05-28
What kind of experiences have you had barefoot?
crotchless panties 2012-01-23
poll on types of girls underwear
Dress me for Christmas Day 2014-12-15
I will spend Christmas Day in whatever the poll tells me. No, I'm not going to be naked so that ...
home uniform 2013-04-29
i decided im going to make my kid wear a uniform at home, it is his punishment, what is a good un...
Discomfort for Fashion 2014-04-28
This poll is aimed at women to see what level of discomfort and impracticality they will endure w...
Thoughts on speedos 2015-04-06
Thoughts on speedos
Girls' Swim and Beachwear 2015-11-20
What you wear and do with and in your swimsuits
if you dressed as girl for halloween 2011-03-16
if you dressed as girl for halloween
What kind of your ?underwear? 2012-04-02
boys only
Guys - Spring/Summer Clothes 2011 2011-01-10 (closed)
Just some questions on what others are planning to wear this year when it's warm.
Showing underwear/sagging 2014-05-19
A poll for boys about what they would do if a girl(s) asked them to pull their trousers up/stop s...
Poll About Panties (Girls) 2014-07-29
Poll About Panties (Girls)
how many guys shave their armpits? 2011-07-27
how many guys shave their armpits?
What of these pleated skirts would you like wear ?( females only) 2015-03-23
What of these pleated skirts would you like wear ?( females only)
boys who lose shoes 2012-07-20
this is a poll for boys and guys who lose shoes. i keep losing my shoes!
Dance Team Uniform {Girls Only} 2010-07-29
II was on a flag team last year and we did some dancing but mostly with the flags. This year we a...
Clothes Poll 2013-04-01
I want to see what clothes people wear, because i am a very weird person. :P
uniform! this is a dare :/ 2013-04-29
i was dared to ask the internet on what to wear for a week, i wear the top thing in all catagori...
Barefoot for Parents/Children 2012-04-02
A place for both parents/children to poll and discuss about being forced/not forced to go barefoo...
Teens underwear for guys 2013-08-12
Teens underwear for guys
Do you wear SNEAKERS WITHOUT SOCKS? 2013-06-03
I find it more comfortable. What do you think?
Guys and white briefs 2010-08-21
Underwear thoughts and feelings
Crop Top 2011-03-12
I think crop tops that show off your belly and/or navel are super yummy!!! I have on a crop top ...
GIRLS- Your bikini Line, Do You.... 2011-05-26
Most girls are aware that their bikini line needs to be tamed in order to wear their skimpy bikin...