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top button girls 2011-04-08
This poll is for schoolgirls who button the collar on their school shirt when NOT wearing a tie.
Are you self-confident enough to wear a kilt 2011-09-13
A kilt is much more comfortable than pants or shorts. Wearing the kilt traditionally is without...
Stuck in clothing 2013-12-31
Have you even been stuck in your clothes? If it happened more than once, you can select all ap...
GIRLS: When did you first wear a thong 2011-04-29 (closed)
GIRLS: When did you first wear a thong
Design a new Sleepsuit/ footie pj's /.. for me (Mom's idea^^) 2011-12-30
Be advised that my Mom likes the back zipped / back buttoned style, wich I need help to get in an...
New Year's Eve fashion (women) 2016-11-17
All about New Year's Eve outfits. Please answer for this year if you have an idea what you will w...
Girls - your bathing suit 2010-07-29
Girls - your bathing suit
What do you wear to bed? - Guys Only 2012-02-13
What do other guys wear while sleeping?
GIRLS: How short are your skirts? 2011-05-05
Every girl has her favorite skirts or dresses, and usually the hemline is at a favorite length. W...
Wearing tights/stockings with high heel strappy sandals/mules 2010-11-07
A poll to find out about Women who wear tights/stockings with high heel strappy sandals/mules. Is...
what underwear are you wearing 2010-07-26
what underwear are you wearing
boys in cartoon underwear embarrassed at school 2011-02-05 (closed)
i still wear cartoon undies at school and i get teased for it. i would like to hear from other bo...
Sag 2013-04-22
I love to sag, wanted to see how everyone else feels.
Men's Underwear 2012-07-12
Men's Underwear
Dressing a man in female clothes? (women only) 2014-04-14
This poll is only for females: would you want to dress a man you know in typically female clothes...
Situation of Being Barefoot 2011-09-13
I always wear shoes and socks everywhere, and I don't like being barefoot. But in these situation...
GIRLS ONLY! How do you style your pubic hair as a teenager? 2013-08-01
GIRLS ONLY! How do you style your pubic hair as a teenager?
Sexiest hair colour on women? 2011-10-20
What do you think is the sexiest hair colour on women?
Guys and Underwear (Guys Only) 2014-01-27
Poll about what kinds of underwear guys like.
What are your favourite type of shiny nylon shorts? 2011-02-01
The title speaks for itself :-)
what do you wear to sleep and when you wake up? (males only) 2011-04-14
just interested in waht others do i walk around for about an hour in boxer briefs in a robe be...
Speedos in 2013 2013-05-28
I was wondering if this Summer are people going to start wearing speedos.
what are you wearing (girls) 2014-09-15
A poll for girls to select what they are currently wearing so you can see averages.
girls in ties 2012-06-19
hey, any other girls out there who LOVE to wear ties?
Male Undershirt usage 2011-03-08
Male Undershirt usage