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Micro skirts 2016 2016-05-14 (closed)
A short and sweet one about those short skirts! For women.
MALES ONLY: Sagging and More 2012-02-13
Just some questions about sagging, and more!
When a guy is wearing a speedo or spandex, how should his tool be positioned? 2010-12-14
This is a poll for guys and girls. Guys when wearing a speedo or spandex, where do you position y...
Clothing Restrictions 2015-03-02
My husband wants to control my clothing and is making me do this poll to determine what my clothi...
College guys: shirtless survey at college. 2011-09-28
This survey is strictly for college guys.
Make My Uniform 2015-03-23
As punishment, I have to wear a uniform. This is to be worn at home, at school, in public, etc. I...
Men In Women's Clothing 2012-05-29
There is no reason why men shouldn't wear women's clothing. After all, they wear ours! Why is it ...
Guys: What underwear should I be wearing? 2010-07-10
I just turned 18 and want to pick the underwear that I will wear for life. I need some help. I ha...
Bottomless 2015-02-09
Do you enjoy spending time bottomless?
Men's Underwear 2013-05-13
This poll is for both males and females about your preference in men's underwear
Back zip clothing, Yes/No, Why? 2011-12-29
Hey everybody! I'm a 16 year old Girl, and I can zip up a back zip, but can't unzip it myself. We...
What is your choice 2013-01-29
When I look around me I see that guys seem to wear a wide variety of clothing types and that seem...
Jeans and thongs 2010-12-18
For girls and Boys
Fashion and Style for feminine males 2012-08-28
What is your advice to feminine males on fashion and style?
What overalls do you own? 2013-12-26
Tell me what kind of overalls (UK: Dungarees) you own. If you have more than one pair, tick all t...
Girls wearing trousers and jeans 2011-01-21
I am 16 and go to a private school in England with an old fashioned school uniform with a navy ...
Who wears Work or Hiking boots without socks? 2011-02-26
I have always done this myself, I am trying to find out if I am the only one!
Compulsory high heels 2016-07-31
About the issues reported at Cannes and some UK work places
What do u wear to sleep?(GUYS) 2011-10-18 (closed)
What do u wear to sleep?(GUYS)
What kind of underwear should I wear? 2012-01-09
I am a 14-year-old boy.
Guys Wearing Tank Tops 2010-12-01
This is poll for guys who wear tank tops. If you don't wear 'em, don't vote!
Minimal winter clothes for females 2012-07-20
Most guys like to see girls wear minimal clothes all the time, even in cold winter days. This is ...
Cartoon Briefs (only for people who have or wear them) 2010-12-28
This pole is only if u have or wear them, if not,do not take this.
top button girls 2011-04-08
This poll is for schoolgirls who button the collar on their school shirt when NOT wearing a tie.
sagging pants 2011-05-17
a poll for people who sag every night day every week