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Micro skirts 2016 2016-05-14 (closed)
A short and sweet one about those short skirts! For women.
MALES ONLY: Sagging and More 2012-02-13
Just some questions about sagging, and more!
When a guy is wearing a speedo or spandex, how should his tool be positioned? 2010-12-14
This is a poll for guys and girls. Guys when wearing a speedo or spandex, where do you position y...
College guys: shirtless survey at college. 2011-09-28
This survey is strictly for college guys.
Clothing Restrictions 2015-03-02
My husband wants to control my clothing and is making me do this poll to determine what my clothi...
Guys: What underwear should I be wearing? 2010-07-10
I just turned 18 and want to pick the underwear that I will wear for life. I need some help. I ha...
Men In Women's Clothing 2012-05-29
There is no reason why men shouldn't wear women's clothing. After all, they wear ours! Why is it ...
Make My Uniform 2015-03-23
As punishment, I have to wear a uniform. This is to be worn at home, at school, in public, etc. I...
Men's Underwear 2013-05-13
This poll is for both males and females about your preference in men's underwear
Bottomless 2015-02-09
Do you enjoy spending time bottomless?
Jeans and thongs 2010-12-18
For girls and Boys
Back zip clothing, Yes/No, Why? 2011-12-29
Hey everybody! I'm a 16 year old Girl, and I can zip up a back zip, but can't unzip it myself. We...
Who wears Work or Hiking boots without socks? 2011-02-26
I have always done this myself, I am trying to find out if I am the only one!
What is your choice 2013-01-29
When I look around me I see that guys seem to wear a wide variety of clothing types and that seem...
What overalls do you own? 2013-12-26
Tell me what kind of overalls (UK: Dungarees) you own. If you have more than one pair, tick all t...
Girls wearing trousers and jeans 2011-01-21
I am 16 and go to a private school in England with an old fashioned school uniform with a navy ...
What do u wear to sleep?(GUYS) 2011-10-18 (closed)
What do u wear to sleep?(GUYS)
Fashion and Style for feminine males 2012-08-28
What is your advice to feminine males on fashion and style?
Compulsory high heels 2016-07-31
About the issues reported at Cannes and some UK work places
What kind of underwear should I wear? 2012-01-09
I am a 14-year-old boy.
Guys Wearing Tank Tops 2010-12-01
This is poll for guys who wear tank tops. If you don't wear 'em, don't vote!
Minimal winter clothes for females 2012-07-20
Most guys like to see girls wear minimal clothes all the time, even in cold winter days. This is ...
sagging pants 2011-05-17
a poll for people who sag every night day every week
Cartoon Briefs (only for people who have or wear them) 2010-12-28
This pole is only if u have or wear them, if not,do not take this.
top button girls 2011-04-08
This poll is for schoolgirls who button the collar on their school shirt when NOT wearing a tie.