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Going Commado (Girls only) 2010-07-26
Research has shown that going panty free is far healthier for women and many "modern" c...
Teen Underwear Preferences 2012-03-26
Teen Underwear Preferences
butt crack exposure (girls only) 2010-10-07
butt crack exposure (girls only)
Do you like to go barefoot? 2012-02-06
I want to see if people like to go barefoot as much as me.
What do Teenage Boys Wear To Bed? 2011-06-26 (closed)
Boys Underwear 2011-06-13
Embarrassed In Briefs/Tighty Whities 2012-04-12
For guys who have been made fun of in briefs
Wedgie Poll (Girls) 2015-01-02
This is for girls ONLY!
Ladies' thoughts about going topless 2011-08-08
Women have the option of revealing a bit but not everything but with guys, it's all or nothing. A...
boys wearing tights 2011-07-07
Do you think boys should wear tights more often? It's common in eastern European countries and ev...
Underwear poll 2015-03-23
I want to know what kind of underwear is most popular. Here are my results: 1. girl 2. 16 3. ...
Guys wearing short shorts 2010-12-14
I'm a straight 21 year old guy in the United States. I have a bubble butt and tanned, smooth musc...
Guys when you were sixteen what did you sleep in 2011-01-28
A Snap shot in time
Are skinny jeans acceptable on boys/men? 2011-08-15
I've heard controversy over this topic, i.e. in USA its frowned upon, but in Asia it's acceptable.
Men in Tights 2010-09-07
This poll is about men wearing tights.
Should women have a dress code? 2014-02-10
A poll to see if people think women should have a dress code and or limitations on what we should...
Mini-skirts (girls only) 2010-11-30
About your mini-skirt
Perfect barefoot outfit for girls 2010-08-20
Girls, what is your favourite outfit when you walk barefoot in the streets? And boys, what is the...
Guys Who Wear Skinny Jeans 2010-12-06
This poll is for guys only. Skinny jeans are now very common and even the percent of guys who we...
summer clothes 2012-05-02
I'm a boy and I let you decide what I should wear during summer holidays !
Underwear Poll 2014-04-21
Just a few questions to find out about people's underwear!
Guys Underwear for College Sports Uniforms 2012-05-08
Guys Underwear for College Sports Uniforms
Boys Summer Footwear 2011-05-16
Boys Summer Footwear
man in leotard, bodysuit, swimsuit be like this and playing 2014-08-05
For girls and boys Am a 30+ old man, I wear till many years leotards, bodysuits and one piece sw...
boys who let underwear show by accident or on purpose (boys only) 2011-03-12 (closed)
this is a poll for boys (only) who have let their underwear show in public either by accident or ...