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Footwear Choices 2015-11-16
What would you wear depending on the situation.
Women's Bodybriefers 2015-09-16
I am designing an undergarment for professional and social women. In the past, women would spend...
pie in the face event help 2015-09-14
I have this end of the summer girls basketball formal coming up and need to figure out which even...
Sandals, flip flops- a must for boys and girls or not? 2015-08-31
These are questions to discover opinions on others based on footwear to see if people wear certai...
Overalls 2015-08-31
In years past, it seemed like all varieties of children wore overalls (with long legs) or shortal...
Do clothes make someone more attractive? 2015-08-31
Do clothes make someone more attractive and if so which clothes
LADIES *** What's your opinion about guys in capri style pants 2015-08-12
LADIES *** What's your opinion about guys in capri style pants
Dress up for the holidays 2015-08-11
It's still summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, but the autumn/winter holidays will be upon us...
Girls who wear skinny jeans 2015-07-23
Poll for girls who wear skinny jeans
fashion: stocking (female only) 2015-07-22
What king of stocking do you wear with your shoes? (10 questions)
Clothing and Accessories Rules 2015-07-22
So I'm home alone for the next four days and I'm putting a poll up on what I should wear when I'm...
Lesbians who sag their pants. 2015-07-22
My name is Doreen, I'm 25, lesbian and sag my pants. I see so many pools for guys who sag their p...
Barefoot 2015-07-22
Barefoot teens
Women's shoes 2015-07-10
Opinions on different shoes.
Beauticians, please help me with my false nail questions 2015-06-03
I'm trying to learn some things about false nails, please help me out?
Summer Footwear 2015-06-01 (closed)
I'm collecting data to see if it's socially acceptable for guys to wear sandals or flip flops. I ...
Clothes you wear during different situations: 2015-05-11
Select what clothes you like to wear in different situations:
Makeup - would you rather...(poll) 2015-05-07
this or that....which would you rather ladies?
Costume help! 2015-04-18
My boyfriend and I are going to be Hugh Hefner and a playboy bunny for an upcoming party. I thoug...
CALLING ALL GIRLY GIRLS: Choose a forfeit for my friend to do :D 2015-04-18
A friend of mine lost a bet, and has four separate forfeits he can do, I'm leaving it up to the p...
Women's Opinion of a Man Wearing a Vest and No Shirt 2015-04-08
Ladies, do you think a vest and no shirt looks sexy on a guy?
Thoughts on speedos 2015-04-06
Thoughts on speedos
Pantylines 2015-04-06
How do you feel about pantylines?
Tighty Whities Factor 2015-04-06
This poll was created to assess the public view of the famous (or infamous) classic white brief. ...
male underwear 2015-03-30
male underwear