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Going out in socks 2016-06-05
My daughter who is 8 goes everywhere in her socks, school, shops even on formal occasions like we...
Dress a Guy for a Week 2016-05-28
You get to decide what I wear for one week this summer.
For people totally dependant on glasses or contacts. 2016-05-22
Being extremely nearsighted myself, I'm wondering how others deal with it.
questions about feet 2016-05-20
questions about feet
Cool for the summer 2016-05-20
This is a poll to see what guys wear to stay cool and be cool in the summer heat! People have dif...
Teen boys underwear preferences 2016-05-20
Just want to prove that most teenage boys wear boxers/boxer briefs
Guys and colored socks 2016-05-20
my mom bought me 12 pair of bright colored no show socks with writing on them.I know they cost mo...
Masked parties 2016-05-20 (closed)
Do you like masked parties? What style of mask do you like most?
What outfit for a muddy walk 2016-05-16
I have lost a bet and my forfeit is to walk round the country side I leave the outfit upto you.
Black tie outfits (women) 2016-05-14 (closed)
What look do you like for a black tie event? For women.
Micro skirts 2016 2016-05-14 (closed)
A short and sweet one about those short skirts! For women.
Guys Summer Outfits 2016-05-14
Guys Summer Outfits
boxers or boxer briefs 2016-05-14
boxers or boxer briefs
Toe rings 2016-05-14
Hi I just wanted to know a bit more about toe rings. I plan to start wearing them in the summer a...
Converse's questions 2016-05-10 (closed)
About converses
Pick my foot wear for a week 2016-05-10
I have been dared to let this poll pick my foot wear for a week
Do you take off sneakers (tennis shoes) in car? 2016-05-08 (closed)
Do you take off sneakers (tennis shoes) in car?
Which of these skirts would you like wear ? ( females only ) 2016-05-08
Which of these skirts would you like wear ? ( females only )
what is your favourite type of undies? (teen boys/men) 2016-05-07
I'm living in europe, and I was wondering what is normal these days under the belt!
mens underwear preferance 2016-05-07
mens underwear preferance
How I should wear my shirt II 2016-05-07
How I should wear my button front shirt in different situations I am male
Boys wearing shorts 2016-04-28
I wear shorts all year round, even in freezing winter cos my parents never allowed me long trouse...
New Socks and Underwear 2016-04-28
just a poll on what i should get
How should I wear my shirt? 2016-04-28
I am wearing a full button up plaid shirt with a belt and jeans and shoes and I'm just curious to...
what should I wear to a sexy/uniform themed fancy dress party? I am male 2016-04-28
Just want some ideas or suggestions as to how I should dress up for a fancy dress party.