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Fashion poll 2017 2017-04-02
For women
Celebrity Endorsements 2017-04-01
A poll to find out the impact of celebrity endorsements and how they influence what brands and pr...
Scent Preferences For Prom/Homecoming 2017-03-12
What sprays, colognes, perfumes, or aftershaves did you use for these special dances?
How should I wear a Sleeveless Hoodie? 2017-03-01
I just bought a sleeveless hoodie that has a slim fit and I just want to know how I can look good...
POLL: Guy friend lost bet mwahahaha? 2017-03-01
A male friend of mine lost a bet over a game of pool, had I lost I would have had to dress up as ...
Braces Survey 2017-02-14
What was your braces experience like?
My clothes 2017-02-14
I'm 16 years old guy from Europe, and I have to wear proper clothes. My mother insists on stiff l...
Where do you like to wear the zipper of a skirt ? ( females only) 2017-02-14
Where do you like to wear the zipper of a skirt ? ( females only)
men wearing bras 2017-02-07
this poll is for men who like to wear bras. the bra is the only "female" piece of clo...
Men's/boy's fashion 2017-02-01
Men's/boy's fashion
Dress code for a university guy 2017-01-17
I've been thinking about dressing more smartly lately as part of my growth as a young man. What d...
OpenAgent's Poll 2017-01-17
Poll which should help you find better Real Estate Agents.
Poll for teens kept in uniform at home 2017-01-10
I have home dress code, my aunt forced me to wear it, and I'd like to know stories of other teens...
Adult Braces Poll 2017-01-10
Take a poll about having orthodontic braces as an adult.
New dresscode for my son 2016-12-26
Hello. I had pretty weird experience with my son, he's now turning 16. We had our Christmas Eve f...
Dress code at dormitories 2016-12-06
Hey, I go to private school where we must wear school uniform (shirt, tie, jacket). I support tha...
Women's fashion 2016-12-06
For women, in your own words - all open ended questions
Are You Sexy? 2016-11-29
Enter your types of body and tell if your sexy or not by looking at others
Pretty bet between my sons and daughter 2016-11-23
FEMALES ONLY PLEASE! My sons and daughter got into an argument over what women would do in this s...
New Year's Eve fashion (women) 2016-11-17
All about New Year's Eve outfits. Please answer for this year if you have an idea what you will w...
What should I wear while promoting my school? 2016-11-08
I'm going to represent and promote my high school to people from elementary schools and I though ...
New fashion ideas for women 2016-11-05 (closed)
What do you think might be good for social events/going out? Women only
People who wear black tights 2016-11-05
just a few questions
Teen in shirt #1 - Home dress code 2016-11-05
Hello again. There was few days from my last poll and I talked with my father. He changed his min...
girls do wear underwear to school 2016-10-28 (closed)
girls u wear underwear to school