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BEARDS! 2012-05-04
This study is done with the goal of better understand the mysterious nature of beards and how the...
Saint Laurent's'Mondrain Dress' 2012-05-04
Yes Saint Laurent a couture designer who created the Mondrian Dress in the 1960s based on Piet Mo...
( ladies ) A guy in vinyl capri pants at a night club 2012-05-04
( ladies ) A guy in vinyl capri pants at a night club
Best business name 2012-05-04
Best business name
summer clothes 2012-05-02
I'm a boy and I let you decide what I should wear during summer holidays !
Planning my night after a friend lost a bet 2012-04-23
Looking back at my polls, my friends time to serve me is almost at hand, I just need a few more t...
Girls sagging 2012-04-23
Girls sagging
colorsss!!!!<3 2012-04-19
Which shoes are best for weedwhacking? 2012-04-19
Our school program includes us taking care of the grounds, and part of that is using a weedwhacke...
Girls: How many buttons do you do up on a polo shirt? 2012-04-16
Girls: How many buttons do you do up on a polo shirt?
Which Underwear? 2012-04-16
I am a 20 year old single male in college. I am trying to decide what underwear I should wear. I ...
Underwear 2012-04-12
I am looking to collect statical information about the underwear choices of straight men for a ge...
Embarrassed In Briefs/Tighty Whities 2012-04-12
For guys who have been made fun of in briefs
Holes In Shirts 2012-04-12
Would you still wear a shirt with a hole? A shirt is classified by "a top", from tees t...
crossdressing guy (girls / females only) 2012-04-09
I'm a 20 years old straight guy
Guys shorts 2012-04-04
Guys shorts
Should I get my belly button pierced 2012-04-02
I am a straight guy who thinks the idea of getting my belly button pierced is very appealing, i a...
What kind of your ?underwear? 2012-04-02
boys only
Barefoot for Parents/Children 2012-04-02
A place for both parents/children to poll and discuss about being forced/not forced to go barefoo...
Teen Underwear Preferences 2012-03-26
Teen Underwear Preferences
Preference in partner's sleepwear 2012-03-20
Preference in partner's sleepwear
What type of sandals would you wear? 2012-03-20
Help create the best sandals ever!!!
Men, what underwear do you like to wear? 2012-03-19
Men, what underwear do you like to wear?
Love advice or fashion tips website? 2012-03-19
Love advice or fashion tips website?
Girls: What is the ideal outfit for a teenage boy? 2012-03-15
What do you think a teenage boy looks the best wearing? Describe in as much or as little detail a...