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Fashion and Style for feminine males 2012-08-28
What is your advice to feminine males on fashion and style?
Men's Shorts 2012-08-27
What kind of shorts do guys like to wear and what color?
Bathroom Faucets 2012-08-23
You will find bathroom faucets in a number of styles, colors and sizes. The one you select would ...
Thong swimwear 2012-08-21
Thong swimwear
Poll on beauty 2012-08-20
Poll on beauty
What would be better makeup? 2012-08-20
My friend lost a bet, and has to wear makeup with an outfit.
Women and clothes 2012-08-13
Do women dress to impress each other, or men?
Would you buy online from an aspiring fashion designer? 2012-08-13
I am an aspiring fashion designer hoping to launch her own business! I make handmade couture that...
Girls, what's your favourite look this summer? 2012-08-13
The warm weather's finally here after all that rain in July, which means girls are free at last t...
What Skirt? 2012-08-10
I think I should be allowed to wear whatever size skirt I want what do you think?
Sexiest Underwear Styles (Men and Women) 2012-08-09
Sexiest Underwear Styles (Men and Women)
should I let my 16 yr old son wear a crop top to a party? 2012-08-09
should I let my 16 yr old son wear a crop top to a party?
Men wearing nail polish. 2012-08-09 (closed)
General questions about men and nail polish.
Which Air Jordan's are your favorite? 2012-08-09
I picked the most popular Jordan's of 2012. Which one is your favorite?
Clothing Company name 2012-08-08
Choose one name, that you think is the coolest If you think of one you'd prefer, pick one, but...
Politics of Olympics in India 2012-08-01
Politics of Olympics in India
How would you react if you saw a boy wearing bright pink lipstick? 2012-07-30
How would you react if you saw a boy wearing bright pink lipstick?
What would be the best outfit for the situation? 2012-07-27
A male friend of mine lost a silly bet to me, and now he's going to be glammed up as a pretty gir...
What would be the best makeup and outfit for this occasion? 2012-07-27
My silly male friend lost a bet to me, where if he lost he would be my personal Barbie doll for a...
Undershirts, tanks, vests and sleeveless tops (for guys) 2012-07-25
This poll is about wearing undershirts, tanks, vests and sleeveless tops. guys only asked to ans...
Minimal winter clothes for females 2012-07-20
Most guys like to see girls wear minimal clothes all the time, even in cold winter days. This is ...
boys who lose shoes 2012-07-20
this is a poll for boys and guys who lose shoes. i keep losing my shoes!
Men's Underwear 2012-07-12
Men's Underwear
Cachemire 2012-07-02 (closed)
Le cachemire, c'est quoi pour vous ?
sleeping shirtless? 2012-06-29
Do you sleep that way?