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Waitress outfit 4 sister 2014-10-06
My stupid sis lost a bet to me and has to be my waitress. What should I make here wear?
Guys leather/skin/vinyl pants 2014-09-29
Guys leather/skin/vinyl pants
Required by law in the United States to wear overalls on the first date? 2014-09-23
Required by law in the United States to wear overalls on the first date?
last week on an out-of-town trip I saw a guy wearing a pair of the 3-strap Birkenstock Florida sa...
Plus size fashion 2014-09-15
In the plus size fashion world, there are many pieces for the ones that want to follow their styl...
Ski Suit 2014-09-15
What is your preferance. A one piece ski suit or a two piece ski suit? Why is this so? in ...
what are you wearing (girls) 2014-09-15
A poll for girls to select what they are currently wearing so you can see averages.
Guys in leather pants 2014-09-15
Guys in leather pants
Choose my underwear for a week 2014-08-18
I backed out of completing a dare so as punishment this poll will decide my underwear for a week....
Why do you wear skimpy clothes, when it's cold? 2014-08-13
I noticed that there are some girls on this site who like to go out scantily clad even in cold we...
man in leotard, bodysuit, swimsuit be like this and playing 2014-08-05
For girls and boys Am a 30+ old man, I wear till many years leotards, bodysuits and one piece sw...
what underwear does your son wear 2014-08-05
this is for fathers with sons
Your PJs 2014-07-29
Just curious what you wear at bedtime.
Poll About Panties (Girls) 2014-07-29
Poll About Panties (Girls)
Girls, please vote to help me make my 19th birthday the best 2014-07-29
A silly boy lost a bet to me, so for my 19th birthday he's going to become a human Barbie for me ...
What Kind of shorts? 2014-07-24
What kind of shorts do you prefer?
Girls favorite type of clothes 2014-07-07
GIRLS ONLY. What is the favorite type of clothes you like to wear in what combination?
High heel bet 2014-07-07
I'm doing a bet with a friend and I need to buy some heels to wear
Guys V.S. Girls Who Shows Their Feet More? 2014-06-23
I've noticed that for Girls it is becoming more and more acceptable for them to show their feet b...
Girls: Different Clothes For Different Things 2014-06-23
For this poll you must say what combo you will choose, or write in another one.
boys who like to be in underwear 2014-06-09
this is a poll for boys who like to be in their underwear (or for dads who have sons who like it)
boys who take off shoes in public 2014-06-09
this is a poll for boys (or for dads who have sons) who like to take off shoes in public and mayb...
I wore my overalls with one strap in the 90s 2014-06-09
This poll is for male and females who were a teenager or 20s back in the early 1990s and wore ove...
Views about men in Kilts. 2014-05-19
Curious to know what you think about men wearing a kilt.
guys how to you get dressed in the morning. 2014-05-19
this is to figure out how people get dress in the morning