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Current Events


Illiteracy 2006-02-22
The following poll is for my high school sophomore community service project. I chose illiteracy...
Genocide 2006-02-26
Genocide/ Sophomore Project
Air Pollution 2006-03-09
This is a poll to see how what you know about air pollution, and how important it is to you.
AIDS/HIV 2006-03-17
Sophomore Project is a beezy. Help me to help you.
The British Army 2006-04-07
Serving Soldier | Welfare & Family | Careers | News | Units | Deployments | Ceremonial ...
Chocolate Easter Bunny 2006-04-19
What part of the bunny are you supposed to eat first?
AIDS/HIV 2006-05-03
Please take this poll. I need statistics about AIDS/HIV.
Obesity 2006-05-06
Obesity is a major world problem that needs to be stopped
Illiteracy 2006-05-09
Hey this poll is for my Sophmore project.
Boris for PM 2006-05-10
I believe Boris Johnson is the ideal candidate for PM. He is extremely intelligent, a real man of...
Poverty 2006-05-11
This poll is about poverty
Fun poll! 2006-05-23
What's lazier?
censorship 2006-05-26
this poll is about wherther censorship is going to far
I HATE SUMMER!!!!! 2006-06-24
do you hate summer as much as i do!!! if u do take this poll!
North Korea vs US 2006-07-10
North Korea has tested its Taepodong 2 long range ballistic missile, capable of reaching territor...
Banned Books Week 2006-10-04
poll to express your opinions on Banned Books Week!
Business Opportunity 2006-10-13
Asia is the best 3rd world place for investments. So which of these countries is the most favouri...
Which issue is the biggest long term threat to peace in Asia 2006-12-11
There are many serious issues that affect peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region. Which of...
How do you feel about Christmas? 2006-12-15
Christmas is coming
Control of Senkakus/Daiyoutai 2007-02-05
The ownership of the Senkaku/ Daiyoutai islands has been contested over the years between Japan a...
Is New York's Finest the finest? 2007-03-29
Do you think the NYPD is the finest police department? Why or why not?
Terrorism 2007-04-18
Terrorism is the biggest problem of the 21st century what is going on?
Virginia Tech Shootings 2007-05-04
I have often wondered about the causes of such massacres. Is it due to public complacency or a pr...
2007 Every day topics: War, Economy, Religion, Race etc... 2007-05-29
This poll has all the basic (2007 event) questions that most people in general would like to see....
Christmas Poll 2007-06-15
What do you do on the biggest day of the year?