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Current Events


Long Distance Poll 2013-09-30
We are all unique and different in our own ways. Find out what others around the world are like!
WWE Wrestlemania XXX Predictions 2014-03-27
Wrestlemania 30 is April 6, 2014 take this poll and join the discussion of Old School Wrestling o...
Do you support the Humanities and Media Literacy for 21st century education? 2015-05-04
I believe that Media Literacy is as important as learning how to read in the information age, but...
It has been discovered recently that the infamous Nazi war criminal, Josef Mengele has an illegit...
Global Warming 2005-08-10
Are you for or against Global Warming? 1. For 2. Against
War in Iraq 2005-08-18
Political views
Corporate Life 2005-08-24
Your views on the subject
Assassination/Robertson 2005-08-31
Pat Robertson said Venezuelan president Chavez ought to be assassinated. How do you feel about t...
Rebuilding New Orleans 2005-09-07
The city of New Orleans is mostly below sea level, so if it's rebuilt it will again be vulnerable...
Blame Game 2005-09-13
In a National tragedy it is very easy to place blame. Especially after seeing the suffering on TV.
America faces tragedy. 2005-09-14
Pitting the emotional impact of 9/11 vs. the emotional impact of Katrina.
Does Christmas Suck This Year 2005-12-28
What is your favourite Christmas carol? 2005-12-29
A poll to discover the world's favourite Christmas carol.
Payday Loans 2006-01-09
I am wanting to take this poll to get opinions on payday loans and should they be banned in all s...
Illiteracy 2006-02-22
The following poll is for my high school sophomore community service project. I chose illiteracy...
Genocide 2006-02-26
Genocide/ Sophomore Project
AIDS/HIV 2006-03-17
Sophomore Project is a beezy. Help me to help you.
The British Army 2006-04-07
Serving Soldier | Welfare & Family | Careers | News | Units | Deployments | Ceremonial ...
Chocolate Easter Bunny 2006-04-19
What part of the bunny are you supposed to eat first?
Obesity 2006-05-06
Obesity is a major world problem that needs to be stopped
Illiteracy 2006-05-09
Hey this poll is for my Sophmore project.
Boris for PM 2006-05-10
I believe Boris Johnson is the ideal candidate for PM. He is extremely intelligent, a real man of...
Fun poll! 2006-05-23
What's lazier?
censorship 2006-05-26
this poll is about wherther censorship is going to far
North Korea vs US 2006-07-10
North Korea has tested its Taepodong 2 long range ballistic missile, capable of reaching territor...