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Current Events


War in Iraq 2005-08-18
Political views
Corporate Life 2005-08-24
Your views on the subject
Assassination/Robertson 2005-08-31
Pat Robertson said Venezuelan president Chavez ought to be assassinated. How do you feel about t...
Rebuilding New Orleans 2005-09-07
The city of New Orleans is mostly below sea level, so if it's rebuilt it will again be vulnerable...
Blame Game 2005-09-13
In a National tragedy it is very easy to place blame. Especially after seeing the suffering on TV.
Does Christmas Suck This Year 2005-12-28
What is your favourite Christmas carol? 2005-12-29
A poll to discover the world's favourite Christmas carol.
Payday Loans 2006-01-09
I am wanting to take this poll to get opinions on payday loans and should they be banned in all s...
Illiteracy 2006-02-22
The following poll is for my high school sophomore community service project. I chose illiteracy...
Genocide 2006-02-26
Genocide/ Sophomore Project
Air Pollution 2006-03-09
This is a poll to see how what you know about air pollution, and how important it is to you.
AIDS/HIV 2006-03-17
Sophomore Project is a beezy. Help me to help you.
The British Army 2006-04-07
Serving Soldier | Welfare & Family | Careers | News | Units | Deployments | Ceremonial ...
Chocolate Easter Bunny 2006-04-19
What part of the bunny are you supposed to eat first?
Obesity 2006-05-06
Obesity is a major world problem that needs to be stopped
Illiteracy 2006-05-09
Hey this poll is for my Sophmore project.
Boris for PM 2006-05-10
I believe Boris Johnson is the ideal candidate for PM. He is extremely intelligent, a real man of...
Fun poll! 2006-05-23
What's lazier?
censorship 2006-05-26
this poll is about wherther censorship is going to far
I HATE SUMMER!!!!! 2006-06-24
do you hate summer as much as i do!!! if u do take this poll!
North Korea vs US 2006-07-10
North Korea has tested its Taepodong 2 long range ballistic missile, capable of reaching territor...
proactive 2006-08-10
does proactive really work
Pluto. Planet, not a planet 2006-10-02
424 astronomers have determined that Pluto is no longer a planet.
Banned Books Week 2006-10-04
poll to express your opinions on Banned Books Week!
Business Opportunity 2006-10-13
Asia is the best 3rd world place for investments. So which of these countries is the most favouri...