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Current Events


Spanish Language U.S. National Anthem 2006-05-04
Asked at a news briefing in the Rose Garden whether he belived the anthem would have the same val...
I HATE SUMMER!!!!! 2006-06-24
do you hate summer as much as i do!!! if u do take this poll!
How do you feel about Christmas? 2006-12-15
Christmas is coming
The Iraq War 2007-01-26
This poll has to do with the war and i am using these stats in a documentry
Control of Senkakus/Daiyoutai 2007-02-05
The ownership of the Senkaku/ Daiyoutai islands has been contested over the years between Japan a...
Do you know anything about Sudan, Africa? 2007-02-15
How many people know about the events happening right now in Sudan, Africa? Particularly in the D...
Take my Norwood Survey 2007-03-13
Since I haven't really done anything outside the town of Norwood since I graduated High School, I...
IRAQ WAR 2007 2007-05-01
People are dying everyday while some are smiling here in the US. I say end this war now. Preserve...
Bicycles 2007-12-06
DO you think bicycles will be used more with the higher gas prices
Airport Security 2007-12-23
Airport Security
Discrimation 2008-01-31
This poll is for a school project. It's about discrimination in America. There will be different...
Elgin (Parthenon) Marbles: Should they be returned to Greece? 2008-04-04
The Parthenon Marbles, currently on display in the British Museum in London, were removed from t...
Would You Fly? 2008-04-23
After the FAA discovering SouthWest, Delta, and other airlines grounded due to potential problems...
Globalisation a threat or not? 2008-08-07
Fundamentalists see globalisation as an evil plot by the secular west to force western ideals on ...
due to crisis, what would you like to save? 2009-06-05
Are others saving the way you are? this survey is an important input for a research in TU Delft, ...
Should We End The Prohibition On Marijuana? 2009-06-17
Should We End The Prohibition On Marijuana?
what do u think? 2009-09-07
a long time ago the Mayans predicted that the world will end in the year 2012. i think it's bullc...
same sex marriage 2010-01-11
legalize same sex marriage
abortion poll 2010-01-14
pro life or pro choice?
Obamas Heath care bill 2010-03-29
This poll is just for or agenst ( feel free to leave a foment on why you have the veiw that you do)
Westboro Baptist Church Supreme Court Ruling 2011-10-18
Do you agree with the 2011 Supreme Court ruling that said that the Westboro Baptist Church's Firs...
What do you use youtube for? 2012-04-02
I have to make a poll for school. I would like to know what specifically do you use youtube for.
Romney vs. Obama 2012-10-04
Who will you choose in the 2012 election?
Official WHS Quill Poll- December 2012 2012-12-13
Official WHS Quill Poll- December 2012
Do guns need to be banned? 2013-01-09
Do guns need to be banned?