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Current Events


abortion? 2010-01-14
iphone: case or naked? 2010-07-16
iphone: case or naked?
Will the EURO survive? 2011-12-29
Will the EURO survive?
Who Should Get the Promotion at Work 2012-01-13
A Marketing Executive's position has arisen at work. The selection list has been narrowed down t...
Is generation y of the 21st century out of control? 2013-05-21
i am doing an oral presentation how gen y has degenrated as the decades go on. i would really lov...
What has been the most important world event in your lifetime 2014-04-21
What has been the most important world event in your lifetime
Election of An International Administrator in Chief [aka U.N. Secretary General] 2014-07-07
All citizens of the world, above the age of 18 years, are hereby authorized to choose a world adm...
Great Filter theory 2015-05-11 (closed)
Great Filter theory is a possible explanation for Fermi paradox. It's saying that civilization w...
Canadian Military Procurment 2015-11-29
With Canada's newly elected Government it is now more likely than ever we will not be buying the...
YourMedics Quiz: When is the World Down Syndrome Day observed? 2016-04-23
YourMedics Quiz: When is the World Down Syndrome Day observed?
Is the young man in this article referred to by the correct name? 2018-10-11
Schapelle Corby is she Innocent 2005-03-31
27 year old beuty student Schapelle Corby was arrested in Bali after aledgely importing 4.1Kgs of...
Student suspended for call from mother in Iraq 2005-05-13
From the Columbus Ledger Enquirer - Francois, a junior at Spencer High School in Columbus, was su...
What do you trust? 2005-07-19
Greetings! Though only a few months, I feel as though I am wiser. I shall not spoil this for you,...
Favorite Armed Forces Branch 2005-07-21
What's your favorite U.S. Armed Forces branch?
Best Thing about Global Warming 2005-08-28
Positive aspects of Global Warming
Roe vs Wade-for Men 2006-03-12
A case was filed on behalf of a Michigan man in a U.S. district court on Thursday that argues he ...
natural disasters 2006-04-07
based on hurricane katrina, and the ideas that sorround it
AIDS/HIV 2006-05-03
Please take this poll. I need statistics about AIDS/HIV.
Spanish Language U.S. National Anthem 2006-05-04
Asked at a news briefing in the Rose Garden whether he belived the anthem would have the same val...
The Iraq War 2007-01-26
This poll has to do with the war and i am using these stats in a documentry
Control of Senkakus/Daiyoutai 2007-02-05
The ownership of the Senkaku/ Daiyoutai islands has been contested over the years between Japan a...
Do you know anything about Sudan, Africa? 2007-02-15
How many people know about the events happening right now in Sudan, Africa? Particularly in the D...
Take my Norwood Survey 2007-03-13
Since I haven't really done anything outside the town of Norwood since I graduated High School, I...
IRAQ WAR 2007 2007-05-01
People are dying everyday while some are smiling here in the US. I say end this war now. Preserve...