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Current Events


should i get my revenge? 2015-04-18
Well last Saturday my neighbor Marlonn who is a really good friend of mine and my brother's came ...
From Disabled to Dead 2005-06-21
As an American, I found the Terri Schiavo case very heartbreaking.This poll was created to see w...
AIDS/HIV 2006-05-03
Please take this poll. I need statistics about AIDS/HIV.
Water Pollution 2006-05-17
for my sophomore project. please take it
Should we go to war with N.Korea? 2006-10-27
Unless you have lived under a rock, you have surely heard of the nuclear tests happening in North...
BODY IMAGE 2007-01-10
a quiz about body image for my english coursework. Please help by filling it in. Thank you very m...
Are You A Sodaholic 2007-04-18
here's a poll to see if you are a sodaholic.
Duke rape case 2007-05-01
This a poll about the Duke rape case and all the issue of the case
Global Warming is happening, but is Al Gore telling the truth to as why? What do you think?
Polygamists in Texas 2008-05-24
Which of the following is closest to your opinion regarding the recent removal by Texas authoriti...
Perp Walks 2009-01-21
What are your feelings about perp walks? That is when law enforcement parades an alleged crimina...
What has Occupy Wall Street meant to you? 2012-04-26
I'm writing a research report on the affect of Occupy Wall Street on the average American. If you...
current events 2005-05-26
here are some current events issues
Santa 2005-11-09
Santa Claues.
Poverty 2006-05-11
This poll is about poverty
Hydrotherapy 2006-07-05
Believe it or not?
Minimum wage 2006-12-28
What are your thoughts and feelings about this whole minimum wage thing? Several states have alr...
Are The USA Bullies? 2007-04-09
The USA think they can rule the world but are they bullies?
Racism 2007-04-18
Racism is major in the world what do you think?
Christmas Poll 2007-06-15
What do you do on the biggest day of the year?
Views on different nationalities 2007-07-20
A poll to explore what certain nationalities think of others
Genocide 2007-10-09
What do you know about it?
Freedom of Speech: Europe VS Muslim world (cartoon controversy) 2008-04-17
The publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish Newspaper spurred protests among ...
Should the Army exempt mothers with young children from active service? 2009-03-02
Should the Army exempt mothers with young children from active service?
The Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of gay and lesbian marriage! 2009-04-09
<p>Having lived in Iowa for a little over a year, I'm very proud of its supreme court for g...