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Current Events


Are You A Sodaholic 2007-04-18
here's a poll to see if you are a sodaholic.
Global Warming is happening, but is Al Gore telling the truth to as why? What do you think?
Perp Walks 2009-01-21
What are your feelings about perp walks? That is when law enforcement parades an alleged crimina...
What Costume Should I Wear For Halloween 2009-10-02
Whatever Costume Comes Up The Most I Will Wear At Halloween Put Any Costume Idea U Have Be It ...
What has Occupy Wall Street meant to you? 2012-04-26
I'm writing a research report on the affect of Occupy Wall Street on the average American. If you...
A chance to sit on the dunk tank 2013-01-03
I'm sitting on a dunk tank next week. I want as many people as possible to want to dunk me, I fig...
Favourite accent? 2014-05-08
What accent is your favourite? Tell us below!
should i get my revenge? 2015-04-18
Well last Saturday my neighbor Marlonn who is a really good friend of mine and my brother's came ...
current events 2005-05-26
here are some current events issues
Santa 2005-11-09
Santa Claues.
Poverty 2006-05-11
This poll is about poverty
Hydrotherapy 2006-07-05
Believe it or not?
Minimum wage 2006-12-28
What are your thoughts and feelings about this whole minimum wage thing? Several states have alr...
Are The USA Bullies? 2007-04-09
The USA think they can rule the world but are they bullies?
Racism 2007-04-18
Racism is major in the world what do you think?
Duke rape case 2007-05-01
This a poll about the Duke rape case and all the issue of the case
Christmas Poll 2007-06-15
What do you do on the biggest day of the year?
Views on different nationalities 2007-07-20
A poll to explore what certain nationalities think of others
Genocide 2007-10-09
What do you know about it?
Freedom of Speech: Europe VS Muslim world (cartoon controversy) 2008-04-17
The publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a Danish Newspaper spurred protests among ...
Polygamists in Texas 2008-05-24
Which of the following is closest to your opinion regarding the recent removal by Texas authoriti...
Should the Army exempt mothers with young children from active service? 2009-03-02
Should the Army exempt mothers with young children from active service?
What do you fear most? (climate change, economic crises, meteorite impacts etc.) 2009-12-08
Which of the following do you fear the most?
Frosty The Snowman 2009-12-21
Frosty The Snowman
Renewable Energy and Climate Change 2009-12-26
Climate change has captured the headlines, and governments around the world have responded with h...