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does the government have too much power? 2015-02-09
does the government have too much power?
Here's a Quick Question No. 1 2017-01-17
The "Here's a Quick Question" poll series is a series of polls where I will ask either ...
A Poll about the DEATH PENALTY 2009-10-16
To find out the public's opinion on the death penalty.
Views on Islam 2013-02-05
Just wanna see the worlds views on Islam
Interrogation and Torture 2005-05-09
When American forces capture known terrorists, is it ok for U.S. forces to use torture in interro...
Who is the real Nazi? Sean Spicer or Oscar Munoz? 2017-04-17
Both of these 2 men made statements to the American people that they later apologized for as soon...
Police searches 2007-09-15
Have you been "stopped and searched"? does it happen all the time, Why?
What has been the most important nation (or empire) that has ever ruled? 2014-04-21
What has been the most important nation (or empire) that has ever ruled?
The #1 Language in America 2005-10-10
Which language(s) do you think should REALLY be taught in schools and why?
Overcrowded Prisons 2011-07-14
How Should California comply with a Supreme Court decision to reduce its overcrowded prison popul...
A chance to sit on the dunk tank 2013-01-03
I'm sitting on a dunk tank next week. I want as many people as possible to want to dunk me, I fig...
Xenophobia 2013-11-06
Xenophobia is the intolerance, hatred, or fear of a group of people because of their race/religio...
USA want a recall Presidential election, NOW! 2014-12-16
The Citizens of the USA want a Recall Presidential Election immediately, by the Constitutional po...
A Look at Southern American Culture 2016-06-08
This poll is designed to provide a look at the culture of the South in the U.S. Only residents wh...
Is the young man in this article referred to by the correct name? 2018-10-11
Global Warming 2007-10-21
This is a poll about global warming. I will ask yoou a gew questions.
Does America Need Tougher Gun Control Laws? 2012-08-08
In light of tragedies like the gun murders of Columbine, Virgina Tech, Arizona (Gabrielle Gifford...
Women's Equality in the Workplace 2012-11-28
Women's Equality in the Workplace
Favourite accent? 2014-05-08
What accent is your favourite? Tell us below!
Halloween Poll 2005-10-20
Vote on which Halloween costume is your favorite!!
What Costume Should I Wear For Halloween 2009-10-02
Whatever Costume Comes Up The Most I Will Wear At Halloween Put Any Costume Idea U Have Be It ...
How do you feel about the new airport security? 2010-12-12
How do you feel about the new airport screening machines?
Immigration 2011-11-08
How do you feel about immigration and immigration laws?
Do you support gay marriage in Australia? 2014-05-19
Marriage is currently defined as between one man and one woman, nationwide. Do you support or o...
Do you support marriage equality in the UK 2014-05-19
Gay marriage equality is currently legal in England and Wales and in Scotland. It remains illegal...