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If plumbers worked after-hours at daytime rates, when would be best for you? 2009-01-21 (closed)
What if...A whole new breed of plumbers adjusted their standard daytime into evening (or even mid...
Teen Tattoos 2009-11-15 (closed)
Do you think teens should get a tattoo?
The main thing i remember as a child was visiting the town Waikerie S.A then finally living there...
Intercambio de Moneda 2010-07-17
Intercambio de Moneda
Will Israel strike Iran soon? 2013-11-18 (closed)
Tensions in the Middle East are high now as Iran closes in on nuclear bombs. Recent attempts to m...
Energia Electrica Para Llevar 2014-10-06
Nuestro proyecto se basa en el desarrollo de sistemas de energia electrica portatiles para satisf...
Do you support the Humanities and Media Literacy for 21st century education? 2015-05-04
I believe that Media Literacy is as important as learning how to read in the information age, but...
Should There Be A Compulsory Treatment For People With Opioid Addiction? 2021-08-04
Should the government in the U.S make it compulsory for those dealing with opioid addiction to ge...
nashville stars season 4 2006-03-31
vote for your favorite nashville star
Corporate Social Responsibilty - Buy or No Buy? 2008-11-02 (closed)
This is an effort to evaluate the impact of the CSR spending of companies on the consumers
No Insurance...No Good Healthcare 2008-11-15 (closed)
Should People Without Insurance Have Good Healthcare Also???
Road to Skagway 2008-11-15 (closed)
Should Juneau build the road to Skagway?? Do you think that it would bring new stuff or jobs?? Do...
Some Other Scotland - Week 1 2009-01-18
Every week we ask our listeners to choose one item of news from what has happened this week. The...
Child Protection 2009-05-28 (closed)
Child Protection
Challeneges for the Galveston Bay area? 2009-07-25
Doing some research on the Houston- Galveston Bay area post Ike. Would love your votes and thoug...
timepass 2012-02-20
Do you support the Australian Federal Budget, 2014? 2014-05-19
Do you support or oppose the Australian Federal Budget 2014 announced by The Hon. Joe Hockey on 1...
YourMedics Quiz: When is the World Down Syndrome Day observed? 2016-04-23
YourMedics Quiz: When is the World Down Syndrome Day observed?
Breathalyzer in Car 2021-08-04
<a href=“https://notyourchild.com/vehicle-breathalyzer-ignition-interlock”>Breathalyzer...
The Bird Flu 2005-10-20
A new flu pandemic is quite possibly on the way. What do you think? And for fun, check and see if...
Who Do You Want In The BB7 House? 2006-06-27
Which 6 houseguests will you pick?
Three hurricanes! 2008-09-04 (closed)
There are three hurricanes(Hanna, Ike, and Josephine) headed towards the southeast of US.
Poll #1 [Oct. 24, 2008] 2008-10-24 (closed)
Poll #1 [Oct. 24, 2008]
best tv shows 2009-01-21 (closed)
best tv shows
Elections BC 2009-04-03 (closed)
Elections BC