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Official WHS Quill Poll- December 2012 2012-12-13
Official WHS Quill Poll- December 2012
Ebola's first victim in the US 2014-10-09
Ebola's first victim in the US
Blame Game 2005-09-13
In a National tragedy it is very easy to place blame. Especially after seeing the suffering on TV.
Katrina Spending 2005-09-22
News media are asking -- surprise, surprise -- if we should cut back on Iraq spending to finance ...
Interest Rates by December 2006 2006-05-10
A poll to determine opinion on interest rates set by the Federal Reserve
LCA 2007-05-18
Shower water
Poll: About the Terri Schiavo Memorial Run 2007-09-10
Word On Wheels® will be hosting the first annual Terri Schiavo Memorial Run from March 18 - 31, ...
Viva La Encuesta 2008-10-10
Poll to see if Latino Real-Estate Professionals believe the Government bailout will have a positi...
Current Financial Chrisis USA and the World 2008-10-26 (closed)
How do you feel about the fall 2008 melt down in the Financial Capitals of the world how will it ...
War On Terror 2008-11-10 (closed)
War On Terror
Increasing Temp Employees Hours for Benefits Fair? 2008-12-12 (closed)
a certain grocer, privately owned, has decided that part-time employees should now be required to...
Are your customers happy? 2009-02-20
In this market, customer satisfaction is survival. Can you afford to lose another customer t...
do you diss like 2009-07-15
do you diss like
Job searching poll at supermarkets and restaurants... 2009-08-31 (closed)
Ok..I have alot of experience from job searching at supermarkets and restaurants as a student. I...
(a)obama-nation 2010-10-09
about obamas bad choices
If the Savior walked this earth today, how do you believe he would be received t 2013-06-20
Picture this. Our Lord and Savior returns in this day and age. How do you believe his presence wi...
Election of An International Administrator in Chief [aka U.N. Secretary General] 2014-07-07
All citizens of the world, above the age of 18 years, are hereby authorized to choose a world adm...
Ebola is here 2014-10-09
Ebola is here
Worst Person of the Year 2014 2014-11-24 (closed)
It's that time of year again. TIME Magazine's staff has begun to deliberate on who should be nam...
Make a difference 2006-06-01
We have seen in the last few days that there is no way the politicians are going to lose their vo...
Tiny Vampires of Doom 2006-06-12
It's West Nile virus season!
Should Bhutan move ahead for a Democratic System of Govt.? 2006-12-31
IN 2008, Bhutan will be a Democratic country. Till date, under the leadership of the Wangchuck Dy...
LCA 2007-05-18
Carbon offset
LCA 2007-05-18
Shower water
Should the legal smoking age be raised to 21? 2008-11-15 (closed)
Should the legal smoking age be raised to 21?