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Favourite Monster Truck 2008-12-11
Which monster truck out of monster jam do you like best?
Do you blog? 2010-02-16
Do you share your thought on line?
How much would you pay for Solar panels 2011-09-27
Just some Research to find out the demand for solar panels
Great Filter theory 2015-05-11 (closed)
Great Filter theory is a possible explanation for Fermi paradox. It's saying that civilization w...
Is jealousy a motivation for the Al Queda? 2005-08-24
Ever since the bombing of the World Trade Center which was hit Sept 2001 I've wondered if jealous...
Assassination/Robertson 2005-08-31
Pat Robertson said Venezuelan president Chavez ought to be assassinated. How do you feel about t...
Best of 2005 2006-02-16
this is about what you thought was the best of 2005 in tv, movies, music, and books.
Deforestation 2006-03-12
Poll Away
this is the fun pole;) 2006-04-26
hope you have fun. I want as many people to take this as possible.
Which issue is the biggest long term threat to peace in Asia 2006-12-11
There are many serious issues that affect peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region. Which of...
Control of Senkakus/Daiyoutai 2007-02-05
The ownership of the Senkaku/ Daiyoutai islands has been contested over the years between Japan a...
LCA 2007-05-18
Computer hour usage
medical expences 2008-05-12
I am a Canadian. Abolishing medicare has become a hot political topic in my country. I want t...
Is it snowing where you live? 2008-12-21 (closed)
Tell meif it's snowing there or not? and how much?
How will the world end in 2012? 2009-01-23 (closed)
How will the world end in 2012?
Buying an Electric Car 2009-02-26 (closed)
This is an opinion poll for anyone, any age, currently living in America. It is to determine the ...
legalize marijuana in CT 2011-08-13 (closed)
legalize marijuana in CT
Importance of Poverty 2012-02-07
The Poverty issue in the USA and the World.
Dr Pepper TEN "Not for Women" Marketing Campaign 2012-03-19
This poll is intended to gauge the consumer impact of the marketing campaign for the new Dr Peppe...
Is Jesus Christ an Alien? 2013-08-01
Is Jesus Christ an Alien? Keep in mind that all people are not the same. All races are not the...
Rebuilding New Orleans 2005-09-07
The city of New Orleans is mostly below sea level, so if it's rebuilt it will again be vulnerable...
What do 18-34 year old want in news? 2006-03-06
Hi there, my name is Amy and I am journalism student working on a project that will tell me what...
April Fool's burnout 2006-04-06
How tired are you of April Fool's?
4th of July plans? 2006-06-21
What are your plans for 4th of July?
HOW'S YOUR SUMMER doing???? 2008-07-22
HOW'S YOUR SUMMER doing???? is it okay or it was totally boring for you