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Current Events


Poverty 2006-05-11
This poll is about poverty
Our Lovely President 2006-07-14
I just want to see how the president rates as far as his first and second terms go.
Go Healthy Poll 2006-08-19
This is a poll about the average persons lifestyle. Take my quiz, coming soon!
Chinese Uighars 2009-05-07 (closed)
Where should the Chinese Uighar terrorists be placed after their release from GITMO
Swine Flu and Travel 2009-05-18
Swine Flu and Travel
Healthcare and Deficit 2009-10-11 (closed)
Healthcare and Deficit
Which of these is your "top story" of the week? 2009-11-22
Which of these is your "top story" of the week?
Goldman Sachs: Good or Evil? 2009-12-08
How would you describe your feelings towards commercail bank Goldman Sachs given the following op...
Aman Ki Aasha - A Reality Or A Myth 2010-01-06 (closed)
Today on 1st Jan 2010 - Times Of India group has started an initiative to bring in peace between ...
Be Prepared 2010-06-16
Are you Ready and Willing to make a 'Go' of it?
Favorite Armed Forces Branch 2005-07-21
What's your favorite U.S. Armed Forces branch?
Do you expect a U.S. terror attack within 2 years? 2005-08-17
About half of Michigan adults expect some type of terrorist attack on the United States will occu...
Questions for you.... 2006-04-13
Here are some TRICKY questions for you to think about while you get annoyed....
Petroleum Regulation 2006-04-30
With the increased fuel prices and record profits reported by the oil companies, there appears to...
proactive 2006-08-10
does proactive really work
Do you know anything about Sudan, Africa? 2007-02-15
How many people know about the events happening right now in Sudan, Africa? Particularly in the D...
Paris Hilton Controversy 2007-06-20
A poll to gather one's opinion about Paris' recent troubles.
Will U.S retain her status as economic powerhouse after the meltdown? 2008-10-07 (closed)
How confident are you?
Obesity in Children 2008-10-09
What do you think? Feel free to add your input in messages or next to your answer.
economy 2009-08-08 (closed)
evolution or chaos 2010-07-01
evolution or chaos
Do you think the extensive airport security with pad down practice necessary?? 2010-12-01 (closed)
I saw the complains of TSA pad down practice, would like to whether you will support the pad down...
president Voting ( Step Forward ) 2011-03-29 (closed)
president Voting ( Step Forward )
Who Should Get the Promotion at Work 2012-01-13
A Marketing Executive's position has arisen at work. The selection list has been narrowed down t...
current events 2005-05-26
here are some current events issues