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Current Events


Do you fear a market bubble right now? 2013-11-01
A market bubble collapse.
When Did You First Hear of 9/11? 2005-06-13
How long did it take until you hear about the 9/11 attacks? Find your time zone and select answe...
Minimum wage 2006-12-28
What are your thoughts and feelings about this whole minimum wage thing? Several states have alr...
Terrorism 2007-04-18
Terrorism is the biggest problem of the 21st century what is going on?
Protest against Chinese inclusion of Vietnamese islands into their territory 2007-12-13
Protest against Chinese decision to include Paracels and Spratly Islands into their territory. In...
Whats your reason for not voting for a third party Candidate? 2008-11-03
Whats your reason for not voting for a third party Candidate?
Is worldwide recession a conspiracy? 2008-11-21 (closed)
Is sudden collapse of many economies around the world a conspiracy? Stock exchanges collapsed and...
Santa 2008-12-07 (closed)
Answer questions about santa his reindeer and all other christmas related things
Perp Walks 2009-01-21
What are your feelings about perp walks? That is when law enforcement parades an alleged crimina...
Animal Research 2009-08-08
Do you support the ethical use of animals in research?
CarMax and the Economy 2009-11-10 (closed)
CarMax is the largest retailer of used cars in the United States. Although it’s been very succ...
Quantitative 2011-09-27 (closed)
i am trying to find out what kind of age group like a certain live performance like concert or da...
Who Do You Think Will Win Stars In Thier Eyes And Why?? 2012-04-02
Let us know who you think will win and why??
What kind of news you read the most 2012-04-09
Vote for news which you read most
Halloween: How do you feel about it? 2005-10-03
Halloween stirs in people many opinions; some are excited to dress up and trick or treat door to ...
Chocolate Easter Bunny 2006-04-19
What part of the bunny are you supposed to eat first?
Overpopulation! 2006-05-06
I HATE SUMMER!!!!! 2006-06-24
do you hate summer as much as i do!!! if u do take this poll!
Don Imus' Remarks 2007-04-19
Because Imus used the phrase "Nappy-headed 'hos" , Don Imus' show has been taken off of...
Duke rape case 2007-05-01
This a poll about the Duke rape case and all the issue of the case
IRAQ WAR 2007 2007-05-01
People are dying everyday while some are smiling here in the US. I say end this war now. Preserve...
2007 Every day topics: War, Economy, Religion, Race etc... 2007-05-29
This poll has all the basic (2007 event) questions that most people in general would like to see....
Mccain or obama 2008-08-04 (closed)
i am curious who you think is better or what you will vote for i personally like Mccain more. So ...
Trust in media outlets. 2009-04-09 (closed)
Which types of mass-mediated communication are most trustworthy?
Economic recovery before 2010? 2009-06-17 (closed)
Do you believe that the economy will completely stabilize and begin growing again by the end of 2...