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Current Events


Why is America the worst country in the world? 2007-08-08
We all know the U.S. is a terrible place. Why?
Is Osama bin Laden dead? 2011-05-02
It was announced on the evening of May 1, 2011 that Osama bin Laden, the accused architect of the...
Rachael Oldfield - opinion poll 2008-04-24
The Tapas Seven are the friends of the McCanns who were in Praia da Luz when it is suspected that...
Buy american 2009-02-15
Tired of hearing "Made in America" I want to here Made BY America! We are in works to s...
Should short selling be banned? 2009-01-23 (closed)
An issue of great concern to many investors is that of Short Selling. Whilst some see it as a leg...
The Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of gay and lesbian marriage! 2009-04-09
<p>Having lived in Iowa for a little over a year, I'm very proud of its supreme court for g...
Girls at the beach 2014-11-24
How should I be spanked? 2014-06-30
hi, im 13 years old and im a girl. well i got a detention at school and my mom told me to get on...
GLOBAL WARMING: Is climate change natural or man-made 2008-06-07 (closed)
GLOBAL WARMING: Is climate change natural or man-made
It has been discovered recently that the infamous Nazi war criminal, Josef Mengele has an illegit...
Amount of Clothing 2014-08-13
Amount of Clothing
Finance 2010-08-07 (closed)
Despite the fact that Pakistan once stood as a role model in economic structuring for other count...
This, or that? Random Questions 2008-01-11
In this poll, it is a series of random questions about anything; and each question has 2 answers....
Is the X/Y chromosome factor proof of the biological superiority of women? 2009-03-22
The evidence points to the fact that because we have 2 X chromosomes, women are biologically sup...
A Poll about the DEATH PENALTY 2009-10-16
To find out the public's opinion on the death penalty.
Xenophobia 2013-11-06
Xenophobia is the intolerance, hatred, or fear of a group of people because of their race/religio...
Is it time the McCanns Cooperated with Police? 2008-01-31 (closed)
Is it time the McCanns Cooperated with Police?
Axe Scents 2006-12-10
there are many axe scents, including a new one, Axe Clix, which i heard is really good! Which sc...
Michigan EBT or Michigan Bridge Card benifits divided into two payments 2008-09-27
Do you have an EBT card for Michigan, or a Michigan Bridge Card? Michigan is expected to be the f...
general election 2012 2012-05-10
now that the nominations are done, who will be the next president of the United States?
Are You Prepared for December 21, 2012 2011-11-20
All of us have heard of the dooms day senarios about December 12,2012 and everything that may pos...
due to crisis, what would you like to save? 2009-06-05
Are others saving the way you are? this survey is an important input for a research in TU Delft, ...
Obamas Heath care bill 2010-03-29
This poll is just for or agenst ( feel free to leave a foment on why you have the veiw that you do)
VOTE For Your Most Favorite Female Personality On PALTALK 2010 2010-07-15 (closed)
part 2
Public Executions 2006-12-27
Don't bother taking this poll if you're AGAINST the death penalty. This poll is about PUBLICLY ex...