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Dr Pepper TEN "Not for Women" Marketing Campaign 2012-03-19
This poll is intended to gauge the consumer impact of the marketing campaign for the new Dr Peppe...
ex-pmc farewell activity 2012-03-15
Hi, I would like us to meet for a nice activity.
The driving age should stay the same at 17 in UK? 2012-03-15
The driving age should stay the same at 17 in UK?
Dealing with a Pay Cut 2012-03-14
Dealing with a Pay Cut
Hybrid Vs. Electric 2012-03-14
Hybrid Vs. Electric
timepass 2012-02-20
Last Step Towards Registration HC25+ 2012-02-20
Last Step Towards Registration HC25+
MLP:FiM Approval Rating --- Feb. 13th. - Feb. 19th. 2012-02-13 (closed)
My Little Pony - Approval Rating study conducted. Under advisement, and conducting poll while adv...
Favorite Name Combination 2012-02-13
My fiance and I have been playing around with some name combinations to name our children once we...
Importance of Poverty 2012-02-07
The Poverty issue in the USA and the World.
Event KAM2 preference 2012-01-20 (closed)
via deze poll kan je kiezen welk type event je verkiest
Who Should Get the Promotion at Work 2012-01-13
A Marketing Executive's position has arisen at work. The selection list has been narrowed down t...
Cat Dilemma in Cleburne! 2012-01-09 (closed)
Cat Dilemma in Cleburne!
Will the EURO survive? 2011-12-29
Will the EURO survive?
Christmas presents 2011-12-21 (closed)
What can I get my little 9 year old sister for Christmas? She is in love with zebra and loves lim...
Your opinion about Bradley Manning 2011-12-18
I would like to hear what you think about him, the things he did and what shall happen to him. Pr...
Christmas Season or Holidy Season? 2011-12-12 (closed)
Over the past few years, the debate has grown about saying Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Whi...
Should AOL delete comments after they have been published? 2011-12-12 (closed)
After AOL news or the Huff Post quite often comments are removed although originally allowed. Is ...
What is your Christmas like? 2011-12-05 (closed)
What are you doing in the month of December? Maybe you don't even celebrate Christmas. Please tak...
Asian/Asian-American Women, what is you opinion regarding these laws? 2011-11-30
Most people don't realize that while Asia has had a history of gender equality issues, there are ...
Are You Prepared for December 21, 2012 2011-11-20
All of us have heard of the dooms day senarios about December 12,2012 and everything that may pos...
The War in Afghanistan 2011-11-16
These questions are to be answered in your own opinion and no one else's. Thank You for your time.
What do you think? 2011-11-16
What do you think?
Who will you vote for? 2011-11-08
Out of all the 2012 Presidential Candidates which would you vote for?
do you trust the mainstream media on significant international affairs? 2011-11-08
do you trust the mainstream media on significant international affairs?