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Current Events


The Ultimate Universal Studio's Orlando Theme Park Survey 2012-09-25
Cheers to everything Universal Orlando!
the 47% and Mitt Romney 2012-09-25
does the video change the direction of the 2012 election?
Underground Tx Music Awards 2012-09-10
This is where you vote for your favorite artist or group for the upcoming award show to be held i...
legitimate rape 2012-08-21
how do you fell about the crime of rape and the political opinion of Todd Akin the tea party sen...
Does America Need Tougher Gun Control Laws? 2012-08-08
In light of tragedies like the gun murders of Columbine, Virgina Tech, Arizona (Gabrielle Gifford...
Do you look for ethanol when you fill your car? 2012-08-01
Do you look for ethanol when you fill your car?
social media contest 2012-06-28
We Launch Dreams and Build Fortunes We are world-class entrepreneurial consultants with an adv...
Baltic Sea Object Nickname 2012-06-25
We are taking votes to create an "unofficial nickname" for the Baltic Sea Anomaly which...
dodge ram vs ford vs chevy trucks 2012-06-19
which trucks are better overall
"Workplace bullying in Higher Education Exists" 2012-06-14
This is the title of my doctoral dissertation. I need as many comments as possible please for ...
Sommarfest Hegel 2012-05-29
Skal me feire oss sjølve (og Hegel) anten i morgon eller neste torsdag?
Ayannin toyina ne isteymiz? Jigi kopwilik kalai wewed, soni tandaimiz goi 2012-05-29
birinwi 3 jauaptin bireuin tandasandar da VK'da oylarindi toliktirip zhassandar jaksi bolad.
Hub Olympics 2012-05-29
We have provisonally organised a number of games for the Hub Olympics. This poll is to determine...
general election 2012 2012-05-10
now that the nominations are done, who will be the next president of the United States?
Estudiantes Universitarios del Municipio de Gachancipá 2012-05-07
Sondeo para determinar características de población gachancipeña que curse actualmente una car...
What has Occupy Wall Street meant to you? 2012-04-26
I'm writing a research report on the affect of Occupy Wall Street on the average American. If you...
Elecciones 2012 2012-04-23
Hagamos un simulacro de por quien vamos a votar en 2012. Una encuesta independiente, no mediatica...
What kind of news you read the most 2012-04-09
Vote for news which you read most
What do you use youtube for? 2012-04-02
I have to make a poll for school. I would like to know what specifically do you use youtube for.
Who Do You Think Will Win Stars In Thier Eyes And Why?? 2012-04-02
Let us know who you think will win and why??
Trayvon Martin 2012-04-02
The poll seeks public feelings about the handling of Travon Martin case. While it is very unfortu...
What is your favorite year? 2012-04-02
What is your favorite year?
Sandra's Housewarming 2012-03-30
Sandra's Housewarming
Travel 2012-03-27
"Game Changer" Advocate & Humanitarian Awards 2012-03-23 (closed)
What does it mean to be a "Game Changer"? Is it someone who is different? Or could it b...