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Current Events


America faces tragedy. 2005-09-14
Pitting the emotional impact of 9/11 vs. the emotional impact of Katrina.
Katrina's 'Hamlets' 2005-09-13
What were Bush, Chertoff (DHS), and Brown (FEMA) thinking that led to such long delays? (Check al...
Blame Game 2005-09-13
In a National tragedy it is very easy to place blame. Especially after seeing the suffering on TV.
Rebuilding New Orleans 2005-09-07
The city of New Orleans is mostly below sea level, so if it's rebuilt it will again be vulnerable...
Katrina Preparation 2005-09-06
Do you think the Governor of Louisiana overlooked the poor people of New Orleans when a Mandator...
Hurricane Katrina 2005-09-06
Do you feel that the government's response to Hurricane Katrina has been adequate?
Gas Prices and New Refineries 2005-09-06
It's been known for years that US refining capacities are low due to the lack of refineries. If g...
Assassination/Robertson 2005-08-31
Pat Robertson said Venezuelan president Chavez ought to be assassinated. How do you feel about t...
Best Thing about Global Warming 2005-08-28
Positive aspects of Global Warming
Corporate Life 2005-08-24
Your views on the subject
Is jealousy a motivation for the Al Queda? 2005-08-24
Ever since the bombing of the World Trade Center which was hit Sept 2001 I've wondered if jealous...
War in Iraq 2005-08-18
Political views
Do you expect a U.S. terror attack within 2 years? 2005-08-17
About half of Michigan adults expect some type of terrorist attack on the United States will occu...
Global Warming 2005-08-10
Are you for or against Global Warming? 1. For 2. Against
Favorite Armed Forces Branch 2005-07-21
What's your favorite U.S. Armed Forces branch?
End world poverty 2005-07-21
As many of you know there was just the live 8 concert with many musicans playing to try to end wo...
What do you trust? 2005-07-19
Greetings! Though only a few months, I feel as though I am wiser. I shall not spoil this for you,...
From Disabled to Dead 2005-06-21
As an American, I found the Terri Schiavo case very heartbreaking.This poll was created to see w...
It has been discovered recently that the infamous Nazi war criminal, Josef Mengele has an illegit...
When Did You First Hear of 9/11? 2005-06-13
How long did it take until you hear about the 9/11 attacks? Find your time zone and select answe...
How do you feel about the Crazy Frog? 2005-06-01
The crazy frog has beaten Oasis and Coldplay to the top of the charts, how do you feel about the ...
Lack Of Funding For Education 2005-05-27
This is to see how people are affected by funding towards schools nation wide.
current events 2005-05-26
here are some current events issues
Philadelphia 2005-05-21
Poll about Philadelphia
Student suspended for call from mother in Iraq 2005-05-13
From the Columbus Ledger Enquirer - Francois, a junior at Spencer High School in Columbus, was su...