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War On Terror 2008-11-10 (closed)
War On Terror
Whats your reason for not voting for a third party Candidate? 2008-11-03
Whats your reason for not voting for a third party Candidate?
Corporate Social Responsibilty - Buy or No Buy? 2008-11-02 (closed)
This is an effort to evaluate the impact of the CSR spending of companies on the consumers
Environmentally Friendly 2008-10-31 (closed)
I have three quick yes/no questions that need to be answered for a school project.
Propositions 2008-10-29
Random Stuff 2008-10-29
Random Stuff
Current Financial Chrisis USA and the World 2008-10-26 (closed)
How do you feel about the fall 2008 melt down in the Financial Capitals of the world how will it ...
Presidential and vice P. candidates 2008-10-26 (closed)
Just a few questions about the various Pres & VP candidates 2008
Poll #1 [Oct. 24, 2008] 2008-10-24 (closed)
Poll #1 [Oct. 24, 2008]
Who will win: Obama or McCain? 2008-10-20
title says all. bums you expect me to tell you what "Who will win: Obama or McCain?" ...
Going Green 2008-10-14
If Target started offering "environmentally friendly" personal care products would you ...
In the memory of the global credit crunch 2008-10-14
Let keep each other posted on what has been happening and vote for a day to solemnly commemorate ...
Viva La Encuesta 2008-10-10
Poll to see if Latino Real-Estate Professionals believe the Government bailout will have a positi...
Obesity in Children 2008-10-09
What do you think? Feel free to add your input in messages or next to your answer.
Do you have enough money? 2008-10-09 (closed)
Enough to survive the recession?
Will U.S retain her status as economic powerhouse after the meltdown? 2008-10-07 (closed)
How confident are you?
Are economists useful to the economy? 2008-10-07 (closed)
What do you think?
Complete U.S. Presidential Poll for 2008 2008-10-06 (closed)
I'm tired of seeing polls that ignore the effect of 3rd party candidates. I've decided to includ...
Smoking Ban 2008-10-06
Are you for or against a smoke free city?
GPS Tracking 2008-10-06
The Police some times use GPS tracking devices to track suspect's Vehicles during an investigation.
The Poll 2008-10-03
The Poll
Has the economic crisis given you a negative opinion of community banks? 2008-09-30 (closed)
Has the economic crisis given you a negative opinion of community banks?
Poteet Canyon Park Improvements 2008-09-29 (closed)
Do you think the Poteet Canyon Park is a great place to spend a day at? Do you like to go for a ...
Michigan EBT or Michigan Bridge Card benifits divided into two payments 2008-09-27
Do you have an EBT card for Michigan, or a Michigan Bridge Card? Michigan is expected to be the f...
What would you do to keep your job 2008-09-21 (closed)
This poll is designed to help understand contemporary thoughts on what we are willing to do to ke...