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Current Events


Americas economy 2009-02-01 (closed)
its about americas economy
Should short selling be banned? 2009-01-23 (closed)
An issue of great concern to many investors is that of Short Selling. Whilst some see it as a leg...
How will the world end in 2012? 2009-01-23 (closed)
How will the world end in 2012?
best tv shows 2009-01-21 (closed)
best tv shows
If plumbers worked after-hours at daytime rates, when would be best for you? 2009-01-21 (closed)
What if...A whole new breed of plumbers adjusted their standard daytime into evening (or even mid...
Perp Walks 2009-01-21
What are your feelings about perp walks? That is when law enforcement parades an alleged crimina...
Some Other Scotland - Week 1 2009-01-18
Every week we ask our listeners to choose one item of news from what has happened this week. The...
investment retirement planning 2009-01-08 (closed)
As a retiree or pre-retiree what are your greatest concerns with regard to managing and protectin...
Children & Advertising 2009-01-03 (closed)
I am doing research on how children are affected by advertising. i would appreciate if you would ...
Is it snowing where you live? 2008-12-21 (closed)
Tell meif it's snowing there or not? and how much?
The best poll ever (please vote) 2008-12-14
Please answer these simple questions about, well, everything.
Increasing Temp Employees Hours for Benefits Fair? 2008-12-12 (closed)
a certain grocer, privately owned, has decided that part-time employees should now be required to...
Impeach Congress in the Bailout Impeachment Movement 2008-12-12
Impeach Congress in the Bailout Impeachment Movement The Congress insanity must be stopped. It...
What would you do if.... 2008-12-12
Here's the scenario- another terrorist attack launches us into WW3, the economy has crashed, and ...
Bomb showers killing babies, civilians, Islam, Christian, Buddhism, Hinduist, Ta 2008-12-12 (closed)
I personally can't believe that majority of people wan't war. I believe that a very small bunch o...
Men more intolerant to gays than women. Why? 2008-12-11 (closed)
Men more intolerant to gays than women. Why?
Favourite Monster Truck 2008-12-11
Which monster truck out of monster jam do you like best?
which is the best season. 2008-12-11 (closed)
which is the best season.
Santa 2008-12-07 (closed)
Answer questions about santa his reindeer and all other christmas related things
Poinsettias 2008-12-07 (closed)
Have you been laid off or know someone who has? 2008-11-26 (closed)
Have you been laid off or know someone who has?
Is worldwide recession a conspiracy? 2008-11-21 (closed)
Is sudden collapse of many economies around the world a conspiracy? Stock exchanges collapsed and...
The Continent of America 2008-11-16
The state of the continent of America and why it is the way it it
Farm Animal Abuse 2008-11-15 (closed)
Well my poll is based on California's prop. 2 and i am creating this poll to just see the opinion...
Road to Skagway 2008-11-15 (closed)
Should Juneau build the road to Skagway?? Do you think that it would bring new stuff or jobs?? Do...