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The Iowa Supreme Court rules in favor of gay and lesbian marriage! 2009-04-09
<p>Having lived in Iowa for a little over a year, I'm very proud of its supreme court for g...
Elections BC 2009-04-03 (closed)
Elections BC
New World Trade Center 2009-04-03
A poll about the perceived safety of Freedom Tower.
Is English the official language of the U.S.? 2009-03-31 (closed)
Is English the official language of the U.S.?
Win $10,000.00 2009-03-28 (closed)
ENA Records is preparing to launch a talent show in the miami area and would like to get some sta...
What About Global Warming 2009-03-25 (closed)
Some people don't believe in global warming because humans can't alter nature. Others think it's ...
Is the X/Y chromosome factor proof of the biological superiority of women? 2009-03-22
The evidence points to the fact that because we have 2 X chromosomes, women are biologically sup...
Should Obama legalize weed 2009-03-22 (closed)
Should Obama legalize weed
In or Out 2009-03-22 (closed)
In or Out
Should the Army exempt mothers with young children from active service? 2009-03-02
Should the Army exempt mothers with young children from active service?
Buying an Electric Car 2009-02-26 (closed)
This is an opinion poll for anyone, any age, currently living in America. It is to determine the ...
Are your customers happy? 2009-02-20
In this market, customer satisfaction is survival. Can you afford to lose another customer t...
Buy american 2009-02-15
Tired of hearing "Made in America" I want to here Made BY America! We are in works to s...
Where do you think airplane prices are going? 2009-02-13 (closed)
Are you going to buy or sell an airplane now, or wait for the market to change?
Immigrants 2009-02-10
I'm writing part of a book as an English project in college, and I need a source besides books, i...
HVCC 2009-02-04 (closed)
We would like to know how you intend to handle the upcomming HVCC law, which can be viewed at htt...
If immigration should be allowed 2009-02-04 (closed)
Do believe that immigrants should be allowed to migrate here and get all the benefits you get wit...
Your Goals for 2009 2009-02-04
Let's see what the most common goals for 2009 we share are.
Could you and would you take on a loan? 2009-02-04 (closed)
As the global crisis deepens, there appears to be consensus amongst our leaders that the way out ...
Canadian Election 2009-02-02 (closed)
Canadian Election
Americas economy 2009-02-01 (closed)
its about americas economy
Should short selling be banned? 2009-01-23 (closed)
An issue of great concern to many investors is that of Short Selling. Whilst some see it as a leg...
How will the world end in 2012? 2009-01-23 (closed)
How will the world end in 2012?
best tv shows 2009-01-21 (closed)
best tv shows
If plumbers worked after-hours at daytime rates, when would be best for you? 2009-01-21 (closed)
What if...A whole new breed of plumbers adjusted their standard daytime into evening (or even mid...