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Current Events


Is Britain's fighting in Afghanistan Pointless? 2009-07-13
People say Britain's fighting in Afghanistan is pointless. We are losing many brave men, already ...
society and tommorws future 2009-07-06
society and tommorws future
Modern Day Slavery Awareness 2009-07-06 (closed)
Polling college students and young adults about their awareness of Modern Day Slavery. There are...
teenagers & underage problems. 2009-07-03 (closed)
please only 12 year olds through 49 year olds.
Michael.b is he more gay or more fat 2009-06-25
Michael.b is he more gay or more fat
Economic recovery before 2010? 2009-06-17 (closed)
Do you believe that the economy will completely stabilize and begin growing again by the end of 2...
Should We End The Prohibition On Marijuana? 2009-06-17
Should We End The Prohibition On Marijuana?
Red Bull Air Race 2009-06-12 (closed)
Are you planning to attend Red Bull Air Race with SIFE Windsor this weekend?
due to crisis, what would you like to save? 2009-06-05
Are others saving the way you are? this survey is an important input for a research in TU Delft, ...
Job Searches 2009-05-29
Job Searches
Abortion Drug RU486 in Australia - Yes or No? 2009-05-28 (closed)
I'm doing a project for justice in society and would like to know your thoughts about the abortio...
Child Protection 2009-05-28 (closed)
Child Protection
Wear or Tear? 2009-05-19
Would you wear this outfit, or tear it! Once one answer gets to 30 people[when they vote] A new o...
Swine Flu and Travel 2009-05-18
Swine Flu and Travel
Current Events 2009-05-14
Current Events
Gay & Lesbian Retailers 2009-05-14
What are your favourite high street retailers? (GLBT only please)
Recognize these missing persons cases? 2009-05-11 (closed)
I want to know how recognizable these missing persons names are to the general public, to gauge h...
What am I going to do with my life??? 2009-05-11 (closed)
In the ultimate act of self-centered, obsessive-compulsive angst-about-my-future, I present an ex...
Jobs & Economy 2009-05-11 (closed)
Jobs & Economy
Who is better Raymond Hui or Annly Duong? 2009-05-09 (closed)
Who is better Raymond Hui or Annly Duong?
Chinese Uighars 2009-05-07 (closed)
Where should the Chinese Uighar terrorists be placed after their release from GITMO
Do you Recycle? 2009-04-22 (closed)
Do you Recycle?
Do you want to put and end to Global Warming? 2009-04-22 (closed)
this poll is a collaboration between jhapes and lethal kiss of friendster!
Nuclear Energy 2009-04-22
Nuclear Energy
legalizing weed? 2009-04-18 (closed)
should the US government legalize marijuana?