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Current Events


Is the young man in this article referred to by the correct name? 2018-10-11
Yes Doorstep Loans 2018-01-11 (closed)
Doorstep loans are designed to offer lenders a convenient way of borrowing that isn't too overwhe...
radio show name 2017-11-16
We need help naming our new show!
What is the day today 2017-06-13
Please select the current day
Who is the real Nazi? Sean Spicer or Oscar Munoz? 2017-04-17
Both of these 2 men made statements to the American people that they later apologized for as soon...
Trump poll 2017-02-01
Intelligent gov't questions
Climate Change 2017-01-27
Climate Change
Here's a Quick Question No. 1 2017-01-17
The "Here's a Quick Question" poll series is a series of polls where I will ask either ...
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? 2016-12-06
About the Christmas debate
The Environment (how much do you care?) 2016-11-29
Questions about how much your care about the environment
2016 Presidential Election 2016-10-25
Trying to get a good idea of who we may see as our next Commander in Chief.
In a three way presidential race, who would you vote for? 2016-06-09
In a three way presidential race, who would you vote for?
A Look at Southern American Culture 2016-06-08
This poll is designed to provide a look at the culture of the South in the U.S. Only residents wh...
YourMedics Quiz: When is the World Down Syndrome Day observed? 2016-04-23
YourMedics Quiz: When is the World Down Syndrome Day observed?
A study on ways to boost Hong Kong's Economic Competitiveness 2016-02-26
This is a survey conducted by a group F.3 students studying in St. Joseph’s College on a projec...
Canadian Military Procurment 2015-11-29
With Canada's newly elected Government it is now more likely than ever we will not be buying the...
which three newspapers would be best to use? 2015-09-07
We have three newspapers The Weekend Witness, Sunday Times or the Tribune. We would like from our...
Girls vs boys 2015-06-21 (closed)
Girls vs boys
Great Filter theory 2015-05-11 (closed)
Great Filter theory is a possible explanation for Fermi paradox. It's saying that civilization w...
Do you support the Humanities and Media Literacy for 21st century education? 2015-05-04
I believe that Media Literacy is as important as learning how to read in the information age, but...
should i get my revenge? 2015-04-18
Well last Saturday my neighbor Marlonn who is a really good friend of mine and my brother's came ...
Who are you voting for in 2015 UK General Election?? 2015-04-18 (closed)
voting simulation for in next general Election ?
how do i get someone to give me a wedgie 2015-03-23
I've tried everything from wearing tighty whities, to sagging my undies and bending over to act l...
does the government have too much power? 2015-02-09
does the government have too much power?
USA want a recall Presidential election, NOW! 2014-12-16
The Citizens of the USA want a Recall Presidential Election immediately, by the Constitutional po...