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Controversy / Morality


Would you want to be surgically neutered? 2004-12-02
I started a campaign last year which aims to bring about a ban on spaying and castrating animals ...
date rape poll 2006-03-10
this is created to test and see what myths about date rape are still belived today.
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention 2012-02-09
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention
What Should Women And Girls Wear? 2005-04-24
This poll is for what you think is proper for girls to wear. The Eastern World critisizes the We...
Is this a fitting punishment? 2008-04-21
I recently read a case which took place back in the 1970's. A man who had been raping and tortur...
Spanking Teen 2011-06-08
I am wondering how many other teens are still spanked and how hard it is
GUYS ONLY! Shirtlessness. 2013-05-13
GUYS ONLY! Shirtlessness.
Is the Moral choice always the right choice? 2015-08-13
Morality dictates the way we should act, but are there times when the Immoral act is the right th...
The Rape Poll! 2001-10-06
" In a study of 2000 Rhode Island 6th and 9th graders two-thirds of the boys and half of the...
Executions For What? 2002-03-08
This is a poll about executions - and how they ought to be conducted.
People who used to have corporal punishment in school. 2010-02-20
There are many kinds of corporal punishment used in school. It is up to country, religous, cultur...
Telling kids what not to do 2010-11-07
I am a parent myself and I realise that telling kids what <U>not to do</U> without ex...
from which and to what age should children be spanked? 2011-06-04
in your opinion, at what age you should start to spank children, and until what age?
Sexual inequality in Execution (historical) 2011-12-29
I have already made a poll concerning the sexual inequality in corporal punishment. This poll can...
nudity oppinions 2009-11-04
nudity oppinions
Females: do you really believe these signs / adverts should be banned? 2016-10-13
This one - http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/sexist-bathroom-signs_uk_57ea3ea1e4b0e315f281491...
Punishment for msturbation 2014-01-06
Even after warnings, his promises, boy(14) continue with masturbation. He must to be punished. Yo...
Physician Assisted Suicide 2016-10-05
Physician Assisted Suicide
Aunty Dilemma 2016-12-26
This is something that actually happened to me a few years ago. I was staying with an uncle and ...
School Uniforms -Guys 2001-08-28
This poll is to be taken by males only, of any age, regarding the return of uniforms to U.S. publ...
Girls, does it offend you to see a guy peeing in public? 2003-06-13
Girls, it's no secret that it's easier and faster for men to pee than women and that because of t...
12-year-old sex: Who's to blame? 2004-09-08
<p><font size=5>A few months ago, a judge freed an 18-year-old boy charged with havin...
Lust, Sex and Nudity 2004-10-23
This poll assumes you have reached puberty and are legally allowed to engage in sex where you liv...
Are Parents Too Afraid To Spank? 2008-07-22
Not too long ago parents were not afraid to spank their kids. Now they think twice because some...
Superiority: Men vs Women 2012-08-23
Straight up Men vs Women poll. No extra questions.