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Controversy / Morality


SWINGING 2004-07-10
This poll is for people who are married only. Have you or would you invite other people to share ...
bdsm survey 2016-08-22
For anyone who doesn`t know what the term BDSM means hear is a link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki...
Some questions for guys 2011-03-22
This poll is NOT meant with the implication that either option is better; rather, it's meant mere...
Child Discipline Methods 2014-01-27
Seeking to find the popular opinion on modern child discipline and what people believe in and thi...
Your Beliefs On The Role Of Women In Society 2015-11-18
Your Beliefs On The Role Of Women In Society
boys kissing 2008-06-22
This is a poll about boys kissing other boys
Teen boys: Are you afraid to complain about your circumcision? 2008-07-05
Teen boys: Are you afraid to complain about your circumcision?
Evidence in harassment cases 2015-09-14
The increasing number of cases where men sexually harass women reqire new laws and much harsher p...
legal sex 2002-04-15
this is to determine what people think the legal age for sex should be
Kids barefoot in public 2009-05-31
Do you let your kids go barefoot to these places?
Looking around the net I realized a lot of people loves humiliation and embarassement either on t...
Sluts / morality 2013-12-17
A poll about sluts and moral behavior
Should kids be spanked at 13? 2009-10-17
I'm 13 and I think I'm to old to be smacked Until yesterday I hadn't been smacked since I was ...
Blackmailing 2001-09-22
Most people have been blackmailed at some point in their life, tell others about your experience.
Babysitting Help 2007-08-04
I have been babysitting for this new family in my neighborhood. Their kids are ages 3, 5, 6, 9, a...
How strict are your parents? Teenage guys 2006-05-06
All boys mess up sometimes. And get punished. But how cool are your parents. And what do they do
Assault or justice? 2014-06-23
<p>14-year-old Michael lives with his mother and his 9-year-old sister Abigail. Last year ...
Do you know your place? 2015-11-16
Respect has drastically decreased in this day and age. Obedience is crucial in this society, but ...
Rules for Wife 2005-08-28
I have some basic rules that my wife has to follow. They are designed to remind her of my leaders...
Forced feminisation (Men only) 2009-06-05
As a child, as punishment I was made to wear my sisters skirts, knickers, dresses, stockings etc....
In-Depth Study of Men in Womens Clothing 2011-12-28
This is an attempt at a mostly-inclusive study of men who wear womens clothing regardless of the ...
Should infant circumcision be outlawed? 2012-02-27
Should infant circumcision be outlawed?
My dad spanked me for being gay. 2012-04-02
I was at my house, with my boyfriend, and we were just kissing and cuddling, and my dad came home...
Do you pee in the shower? 2001-11-13
How many of you pee while taking a shower?