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Controversy / Morality


Your Execution 2003-03-28
If you have a death penalty, there's always a tiny chance that an innocent person could be execut...
How Old Is Old Enough 2004-11-11
For age based laws and other responsibilities--how old should a person be. Average ages will be ...
Survey on Human Behavior 2005-04-18
This survey is voluntary. <br>You must be at least 18 years old to participate, 14 with th...
Prostitution 2008-01-25
Should prostitution be legalized? Split in 4. women 0-21 and 22+. Same for men.
Is Slavery still relivant for the benefit of human society today? 2011-06-13
This poll has been compiled to determine the individual citizens personal perspective about moder...
Smoking 2014-04-21
Men's Skirts 2003-05-20
Should men and boys have the same clothing choices women have?
Teenage Sex 2004-03-30
The rate of underage teens (13-17) have been having sex. Many also have been getting pregnant. If...
Gym shower 2008-07-24
Gym shower
Decide whether these people should go to jail 2010-03-27
Decide whether a person should receive a short jail sentence, a longer jail sentence or a fine fo...
Girls, Why do you show boobs? 2013-09-03
Girls, Why do you show boobs?
Females who were convicted in court 2016-05-14
This poll is focused on the expiriances of girls and women, who at some point had to appear in c...
Punishment of children 2001-09-15
please take this poll and teel me how you were punished and what you would do to your children.
is modesty dead? 2005-03-01
it has been stated in several polls on this site that veiling of women isn't a muslim commandment...
Parenting 2011-04-29
This is a poll to determine how parents, or the parents of tomorrow, raise or intend to raise the...
Girls Or Boys? 2013-03-25
How should the world be?
How old were you when you first saw pornography? 2003-07-08
When I was in grade 9, a friend sold me his old pornographic magazines. Then my mom found them, a...
Age of Consent (girls) 2004-01-16
Self explanatory.
The Woman's Role 2006-12-28
For a while my wife and I hung out with people who have a real "Little House on the Prarie&q...
Sexual Abuse Poll 2007-05-02
Opinion poll concerning sexual abuse.
Capital Punishment 2008-09-19
Should capital punishment be reinstated and what form of capital punishment would you use?
Do female nurses & med techs talk among themselves about patients private parts? 2008-09-22
I am wondering if after a female nurse or a med tech sees a male patient's private parts, do they...
Christian boys and masturbation 2009-07-15
This poll is for Christian Teens to ask about their opinions of the "BIG M" word.
Minimum Age for Babysitters 2014-02-07
Minimum Age for Babysitters
Control of adult children by parents 2002-03-14
I am wondering how you feel about parents controling their adult children. Please answer question...