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Controversy / Morality


Airport Security and Kids1 2008-11-26
This is a continuation of the poll "Airport Security and Kids", and is intended for par...
Ways to overcome shyness about bare feet 2009-09-02
Hi, I am a girl with a problem. I feel shy about my bare feet. It doesn't have a specific reason ...
8 year old girl beats 10 year old boy with Krav Maga! 2012-04-23
I heard the cry from upstairs, as I ran down to see what the crying was about I saw my 10 year ol...
Which do you think is more harmful for a child to see? 2012-07-23
I'm making this poll after a mass murder and this is in the news.
Breast punches during fights 2014-12-08
Poll for women who have been in real fights that involved breast punches.
Driving 2017-02-05
Birching of female offenders (POLL FOR WOMEN) 2004-04-07
<BR>This poll is concerned with women's views on the use of birching as punishment for fema...
What to expect at a bachelorette party. Female only. 2005-05-20
A wide range of bachelorette parties exist, what would you be comfortable attending?
Open Marriages--Do They Work 2007-05-18
Experiencing phenomenal popularity among baby boomers is the desire, practice and acceptance of t...
Did I do the right thing? 2008-05-03
When my daughters were young and I was a single dad, we got into nudism for a while. Because of m...
Girls, Underarms, Tickling, and feeling naughty ;) 2008-11-14
Here is a poll that gets to the truth behind tickling, and the excitement it causes. There are N...
Nude swimming at indoor swimming pools for American women only 2008-12-19
I would like know if you think indoor swimming pools should be clothing optional.
The Problems With Feminism 2013-10-14
What the liberal media are doing to brainwash our young women.
Guys kissing guys 2001-07-29
How many STRAIGHT guys have ever kissed another STRAIGHT male?
Would you date your cousin? 2001-09-25
What are your beliefs on cousin relationships?
Sibling Encounters 2001-11-13
seeing your sibling naked
Should urinals be removed from public men's restrooms? 2007-05-10
There was a poll made already about this subject but it was grossly biased. Here is a simular...
Should boys of school age receive medication to control their sexual urges ? 2009-07-21
There is concern in the UK, USA and other countries about teenagers having sex too young. In part...
Corporal Punishment in High School 2010-10-07
Your views on school punishments
Prison rape 2014-04-21
This is a issue not often talked about
Would you rather eat a piece of human meat or have sex with a dolphin? 2015-05-04
Would you rather eat a piece of human meat or have sex with a dolphin? Just once. Be a cannibal...
Public Breast Freedom 2003-05-01
top and bra freedom for women in public in western society america
"Clothing Optional" 2004-10-11
IF clothing became optional anyplace at anytime , would you take your clothes off or leave them ...
How Old Is Old Enough 2004-11-11
For age based laws and other responsibilities--how old should a person be. Average ages will be ...
How it was for boys punished by men before 1990 2017-03-12
Men, tell us a memory of bare butt CP by a man, as it used to be, when you were a boy before 1990