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Controversy / Morality


Genital Spanking 2015-05-04
I'm a mom with two girls, 5 and 8. I use corporal punishment even though I'm not very open about ...
Circumcise Your Son? 2004-03-23
In the United States, babies are routinely circumcised, despite the fact that there is no medical...
Is Circumcision a good practice? 2004-12-23
There is a big debate today about whether circumcision is a good practice or not. Some people sa...
Guys, how do you feel about being circumcised? 2017-05-25
Love it, hate it, or something in between? Register your feelings.
Circumcision 2001-06-23
This poll is for males only.
Spanked in private. 2014-07-14
Votes are over overwhelmingly in favour of spankings being given in public. This poll is about be...
Why, when and where do boys go shirtless? 2006-01-09
This poll is to find out why, when and where boys generally take their shirts off.
Circumcision 2008-01-06
General questions about circumcision.
Which Style of Circumcision for Your Son? 2017-06-13
If you would have your son circumcised, ideally, which style would you prefer?
l got spanked today 2014-06-30
Simple this poll is for those who were spanked within the last 24 hours for discipline only.
I Was Spanked Poll 1999-04-25
<HTML><BODY><P>Since I can remember, there has been a hugh debate on how spanki...
Circumcision for your son, Loose or Tight? 2017-07-12
Which type of circumcision would you prefer for your son, loose or tight?
Circumcision 2002-04-15
I want this to be honest and real. Don't vote multiple times.
Family Spanking Fantasy Poll 2001-07-08
For people with immediate families, just for fun to think about, which ones need to be spanked, a...
Nudity Family/Public etc. 2001-10-22
This is a poll to see what some of you think on verious nudity and clothing issues
Panties - Freedom of Choice 2002-03-17
I'm a 49 y/o guy, who has been wearing women's panties, off & on, since I was 10. After many ...
Casual Family Nudity 2003-05-01
Casual family nudity is where a family practice honest, sincere, upfront, no holds barred nudity ...
nudity for teenage boys 2010-09-27
This is a poll abouit nudity at home. It is aimed at teenage boys, but anyone can leave a message
Spanking of children 2011-04-25
This is a poll to find out views on the punishment called spanking.
Should I let my son skinny-dip at his friend's? 2003-03-18
My 12 year old son's best friend has a swimming pool and has invited my boy over. There are three...
Cornertime for girls over 18 2003-02-16
In my poll "Curfew and home late punishments for girls over 18" there are a lot of girl...
Survey on Abortion 2000-12-03
Hello I'm making this poll because I have a final project due in Psychology which is a debate on ...
Spanked in Public 2015-03-23
Spanked in Public
Parents who spank their adult children 2014-07-14
A lot of spanking polls are being taken by adults who are still being spanked by their parents. I...
Parenting and Spanking 2016-09-29
Survey of your experience growing up and as a parent now or what role spanking might play if you ...