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Controversy / Morality


The Rape Poll! 2001-10-06
" In a study of 2000 Rhode Island 6th and 9th graders two-thirds of the boys and half of the...
School Paddlings Needed? 2000-07-28
With discipline at an all time low at the nation's public schools, isn't it time to bring the sc...
is watching porn cheating 2 2006-09-17
Why wife thinks that watching porn is cheating whats your opinion. Please be honest
Public Breast Freedom 2003-05-01
top and bra freedom for women in public in western society america
Birching of female offenders (POLL FOR WOMEN) 2004-04-07
<BR>This poll is concerned with women's views on the use of birching as punishment for fema...
Teacher & student sexual affairs 2002-02-11
I just want to know about how the public reacts if they hear news about 'em or if it happens in t...
Moms Only: Son Getting Kicked in the Balls 2013-02-25
Here is a brief synopsis of my situation: My 11 year old son apparently groped a 14 year old g...
are white women easy? 2007-02-11
are white women easy?
Lust, Sex and Nudity 2004-10-23
This poll assumes you have reached puberty and are legally allowed to engage in sex where you liv...
Is this a fitting punishment? 2008-04-21
I recently read a case which took place back in the 1970's. A man who had been raping and tortur...
date rape poll 2006-03-10
this is created to test and see what myths about date rape are still belived today.
Striptease Aerobics for kids? 2008-03-01
Would you allow your 12 year old daughter, in the privacy of her home, with nobody watching, do a...
Prison Uniforms for Women 2008-06-02
Prison Uniforms for Women
Ways to overcome shyness about bare feet 2009-09-02
Hi, I am a girl with a problem. I feel shy about my bare feet. It doesn't have a specific reason ...
Women who witness or who bring thier sons/boys into the women's locker room 2010-09-12
This poll is for women whow either bring thier son/boy into the women's locker room. Or for wome...
public open urinals 2008-08-30
Brutal Discipline 2014-04-07
<p>At one time corporal punishment in schools was normal throughout the world. Questioning...
Smokers Survey 2002-07-15
Smokers: What do you think?
Would you sleep your way to the top? 2011-06-13
Would you sleep your way to the top?
Child Sexual Abuse 2008-03-31
This is a serious survey and the results will be used in a college study so please do fill it in....
Social status of virgin 2004-09-13
I'm a virgin (point, laugh, giggle). I'm wondering what others think about someone being a teen ...
Capital Punishment 2008-09-19
Should capital punishment be reinstated and what form of capital punishment would you use?
In-Depth Study of Men in Womens Clothing 2011-12-28
This is an attempt at a mostly-inclusive study of men who wear womens clothing regardless of the ...
The Affects of Feminism 2008-07-22
This poll is an attempt to grasp what average people (not the media, nor anyone else whose jobs d...
Nudity 2015-05-21
This poll is to investigate attitudes about nudity. Background - I am a 39 year old mother in Wes...