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Controversy / Morality


Bariatric Surgery 2011-03-08 (closed)
Bariatric Surgery
marijuana and my drug test 2012-01-18 (closed)
i am being tested by my psychiatrist for drug use. what can he do to me if he finds only marijuan...
Do music and society influence each other? 2012-04-04
In this poll please state whether you think society influences music, or music influences society...
best friends reunion on 22 2012-05-21 (closed)
ciao cari, siamo a scegliere il luogo in cui trovarci martedì, cosa è più semplice in un immed...
privacy vs social 2016-05-14
curious to learn how people balance their privacy needs whist socialising in peer groups
Does work get done at your workplace? 2004-07-26
This poll samples workplace styles.
Who sent the anthrax? 2004-10-21
Who was responsible for sending anthrax in letters to the media and government in the fall of 2001?
Businesses in Residential Homes 2009-08-03 (closed)
An increasing number of day care centers and other businesses are buying residential homes. Curr...
1980 - 90s 2009-12-16 (closed)
This poll will be used to gain an insight into the context of Westwood’s work during the time i...
Cnu pinaka MaGANda ?? 2010-07-05
Rating System used for school and work 2004-06-29
This is a survey regarding the current way of rating/measuring abilities in school and in work.
Make Tardis a chat mod 2008-11-09 (closed)
Make Tardis a chat mod
survey 2008-12-04 (closed)
are teachers racist against their students 2009-04-09 (closed)
i think its unfair the way teachers treat the minority students what do yoou think
Ninjas vs. Pirates! 2009-10-08
Who is better?
Spoiledness: Tantrum Addiction or Convenient Strategy? 2009-11-10 (closed)
The following poll attempts to unravel what the generalized popular belief is inasmuch as the mos...
Abortion in Florida 2010-04-22 (closed)
Abortion in Florida
is torturing terrorist right? 2010-05-02 (closed)
do you think the military should be allowed to torture terrorist??
HImVSMe 2010-05-02 (closed)
I am a twenty three year old women who has been dating a forty four year old man for five years n...
Do you have a problem with this? 2010-11-28 (closed)
This poll is to measure you opinion of Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered peoples.
Rav Wish 2012-07-09
Rav Wish
8c tarkine poll 2012-09-04
how did you like the performance?
Families and Underwear 2014-11-17 (closed)
I have left messages on several boards about my wife and I letting our little kids, (boy 6 and gi...