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Controversy / Morality


Bush or Kerry 2004-05-24
Who would you like to see in the White House in 2005?
Who is NOT ignoring the Geneva Conventions 2004-05-24
US President Bush loves pointing out that, "America is liberating Iraqis from human rights a...
What Do You Think? 2004-09-03
There are too many opinions out there to be narrow-minded and selfish, stating your truth is the ...
Iraqi Opposition 2004-10-04
What do you think is really going on in Iraq?
Randomness 18 2006-01-14
Totally Random Things
Alternative Healthcare 2009-01-03 (closed)
I want to find out what people think about alternative healthcare.
Philosophy poll 2009-09-15 (closed)
Philosophy poll
Cartoons (again:) 2009-09-27
Cartoons (again:)
Harrasement at work places 2010-03-27
"As for those, who like that indecency should spread among the Believers, they deserve a pai...
Abortion: Women's Views 2010-06-01 (closed)
A survey about women's views on abortion for my anthropology, psychology, and sociology class. Pl...
Feedback On Fern Relkin 2013-12-26
Fern Relkin Veteran Actress Of Blowjob & Feet Films Back in the 1990's Cocksucker Fern Re...
Is Shia LaBeouf telling the truth 2014-12-16
...about what was done to him during IAMSORRY
Screwed by a CPA? 2003-05-20
Have you ever been screwed by a CPA as either your accountant or as your employer?
Medical Insurance for Cohabitating Couples 2003-06-06
Please help me obtain information; I am a university student writing a theseis regarding insuranc...
<font color="maroon">The Judgemental Jurist</font> 2004-01-07
<small>"<u>All rise before the <b>dis</b>honorable</u>..."...
Deforestation and You 2004-04-13
Well, gotta do this for school... and I need at least 100 results, so please do the poll, blablab...
When will the pope croak 2004-05-24
On May 18 the Pope had his 84th Birthday, but how long can he keep it up? (the survival thing) Wh...
The '04 Election---Fair or Foul? 2005-01-03
What are yourthoughts about the results of the '04 Presidential election?
The Tsunami Disaster, American Generosity, and War 2005-01-14
Are Americans generous?
I Support X-Fire! 2005-02-08
Yahoo sues Xfire for patent infringement. Click <a href="http://www.crazydogsworld.com/m...
What is Japanese Sentence Structure On? 2005-03-29
I go to a speciallll art school where I learn Japanese and I'm good at memorizing vocab and kana ...
Media Abuse of the Powerful 2005-10-20
The media has established itself with the responsibility of uncovering every possible past experi...
Should the world switch to alternative energy sources? 2009-04-07 (closed)
Should the world switch to alternative energy sources?
What are you more scared of in applying for a job? 2009-08-31 (closed)
What are you more scared of in applying for a job?
Gang Rehabilitation 2009-10-08 (closed)
I am doing a research paper on wether or not an ex gang member can influence other gang members o...