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Controversy / Morality


Effects of Drugs 2001-10-16
Do you really know what drugs are doing to your body? Do you know exactly what you are consuming ...
Ninja,anyone? 2002-06-30
The ninja have taken a bad rap over the years.Some love them some hate them.How do you feel?
PT Cruiser 2003-12-05
Is the PT Cruiser the "Soccer Mom Splurge" or a mid-life crisis car?
Terry Nichols 2004-06-14
Pregnancy and Overpopulation 2005-01-03
How does family size effect our quality of life? (Six questions.)
Water Pollution Demolition 2005-03-18
smaili thanks you very much (don't get too excited though).....
Soph. Proj. : Hunger. 2005-04-16
It's for the sophomore project, it's very short, it's the fountain of eternal youth. Take it.
Lack Of Funds For Education 2005-04-24
Do this quiz thing or ill fail and thats bad so do it.
Eye in the sky 2005-12-17
Do you think security cameras at work protect our rights as workers or inhibit proformance and se...
Aids/HIv sophomore project 2006-05-01
please answer honestly this is for my sophomore project! thanks
Do You Believe... 2006-07-13
I'm just wondering what people believe in now that we've disposed of the most evil religion in hi...
information collection 2006-10-28
these days you are asked for your private details when out shopping. do you agree with the need ...
Medical Marijuana 2008-12-21 (closed)
School Project
Domestic Violence 2009-05-22 (closed)
Domestic Violence
Do you agree that Cincinati is the biggest GHETTO and HICK city ever? 2009-10-11 (closed)
Thorny. lol
Do vegetarians eat animal crackers? 2010-08-25 (closed)
Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?
fan's poll 2010-09-29 (closed)
its about to know your poll
Marilyn Manson vs, Mike Murdock, Marcus Lamb, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Paula W 2011-03-16 (closed)
Marilyn Manson vs. the men and women of Christian television Who has more integrity? This is a s...
Gay marriage 2011-11-20 (closed)
This is a poll for Mrs. Hitchcock's 3rd period US/VA class.
Bartholomew or Conrad 2012-11-07
Preston Alexander (blank). Will he take David's last name or Rachel's? Let's put it to a poll. ...
The Weeks Of December 2012-11-12
What Week of December are you free on for Philosophy Picnic
Trump - Criminal, stupid, or crazy? 2018-10-11 (closed)
In light of the actions and words of Donald Trump, it has become obvious he he generally off base...
Compulsory aprons 2022-03-03
I'm a middle aged woman who owns a goat farm. I've always worn full skirted ankle length dresses ...
War on Iraq 2003-02-15
Please indicate your opinions of the War on Iraq as honestly as possible.
Can you Forgive your partner 2003-08-26
We want your opinion