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Controversy / Morality


marijuana / weed teen and family 2007-08-08
This poll is about smoken weed with your family. This poll is the first of a series, after we get...
Marijuana Poll 2005-04-18
I was just wondering..........
How exhibitionistic are you? 2005-11-01
How exhibitionistic are you?
Are vegans weird? 2004-09-13
Vegans and non-vegans alike are welcome to take the poll. I'm aware that the majority of the pub...
Sibling Encounters 2001-11-13
seeing your sibling naked
Which is the Most Addictive Drug on Earth? 2005-03-01
Which do you think is the "Ultimate" addictive drug out there today?
Who was the worst human being of all time? 2001-11-26
Who do you think has brought shame and dishonoured the entire human race of all time, and no you ...
Should infant circumcision be outlawed? 2012-02-27
Should infant circumcision be outlawed?
The Anti-White Movement 2003-02-09
What do you think of black people (and other races) who constantly pick on white folks? Does it ...
Decide my son's punishment 2015-01-02
My teenage son recently hacked my email and Mr. Poll accounts and created polls about cross dress...
Corporal Punishment in High School 2010-10-07
Your views on school punishments
punishment 2008-05-13
which of these ways would you use to punish a naughty child (a boy in this case) for being contin...
Your stance on the Mccanns 2007-10-01
where do you stand on the mccann issue? smell a rat or smell a flower? you decide...
Is it better to be Feared or Respected?? 2011-01-25
would you liked to be feared or respected from public??
Getting punished 2005-01-07
Target age group: 13-21
Male vs. Female Homosexuality 2002-01-14
It is hoped that this poll will help to provide some insight as to whether there is a difference ...
boys in the women's locker room 2006-12-27
this is a poll for anyone who has been embarrassed by mothers bringing their boys into the women'...
Rules For Husbands?? 2005-09-13
I did the Rules for Wife poll about how it is in our household. I got a lot of negative remarks f...
Parental attitudes towards teenager masturbation 2008-12-07
This poll aims to measure parental attitudes towards their teenager's involvement with masturbati...
People who used to have corporal punishment in school. 2010-02-20
There are many kinds of corporal punishment used in school. It is up to country, religous, cultur...
My dad spanked me for being gay. 2012-04-02
I was at my house, with my boyfriend, and we were just kissing and cuddling, and my dad came home...
Naked in Public 2006-04-04
Every June in Seattle they hold the Fremont Solstice Parade. The main attraction has become the n...
The Rape Poll! 2001-10-06
" In a study of 2000 Rhode Island 6th and 9th graders two-thirds of the boys and half of the...
are white women easy? 2007-02-11
are white women easy?
is watching porn cheating 2 2006-09-17
Why wife thinks that watching porn is cheating whats your opinion. Please be honest