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Controversy / Morality


How scary am I? 2006-02-26
Click level of fear:
More people know? 2006-09-21
WHo Paul Wall is or Bucky Dent is
Weight Loss Surgery or Not? 2006-10-29
This poll is to determine people's perceptions of weight loss surgery.
Telford Town Park controversy - have your say 2008-09-14 (closed)
This relates to a story that has recently featured in the British media, and which I feel raises ...
Ethics involving embryonic stem cells 2009-02-04 (closed)
Ethics involving embryonic stem cells
Do you think modeling industries influence women to become unnaturally thin? 2010-04-22 (closed)
Do you think modeling industries influence women to become unnaturally thin?
Enron Poll 2002-01-22
What is your take?
Society vs. Universe 2002-02-25
You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.
who is the virginia sniper? 2002-10-23
who is the sniper in virginia?
Demographics 2003-03-25
I wanted to see the type of people who have answered a previous poll about Andrea Yates abortions...
Iraqi Lost Generation 2003-04-09
Most analysts believe that after more than a decade of propaganda and "Hitler Youth"-li...
Which Greenhouse Opinion Do You Support? 2003-12-08
if other lifeforms on earth have lived with it without worrying then why should we? The greenh...
The Poison Apple? 2003-12-21
This poll is to see if the religious aspect of gentic engineering is important to people. What i...
The Value of your Work 2004-09-28
Your work: Is it useful, valuable, moral?
Hello my name is Kim. I am a student at St. Joseph's College in Brooklyn, NY. I am conducting a...
The Smokey The Bear Poll 2005-02-19
It's about Smokey, the bear.
World Hunger 2005-04-26
It's for a school report on hunger.
Case of ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI. (Americans only please) 2006-02-16
ZACARIAS MOUSSAOUI is on trial for a list of accusations.
Sustainability of Brands 2007-07-22
Do the listed Companies produce sustainably?
hunting age 2009-03-06 (closed)
should minium hunting age be lowered to 10? yes or no?
Fun Poll/Survey 2009-04-13 (closed)
Fun Poll/Survey
Is this divorce property settlement concept "fair"? 2010-01-01 (closed)
French law provides that the money or property either spouse had prior to marriage reverts back t...
Abortion 2010-04-20 (closed)
I am writing my final essay for the semester on abortion. Need a survey for one of my sources, pl...
Should Jon do it with Petey The Penguin? 2012-03-19
Well should he.
hey im samantha any help 2021-02-22
Hey so I was wondering if constant beating of balls can cause someone to go infertile because I l...