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Controversy / Morality


who IZ hotter? 2005-11-03
Hey all you fans of jackass i think you will like this poll
To ADD or NOT to ADD 2006-07-04
Considering there are 'poor/homeless' of every age, sex, race & religion, it it long overdue ...
Stopping dangerous drivers 2007-02-28
Too many people are killed and injured on the roads. How far should we go to reduce this figure?
Are they taking so much in child support you dont have enough to live on? 2008-07-23
Are they taking so much in child support you dont have enough to live on?
Marijuana Census 2009-05-07 (closed)
This is a poll that will tell me the amount of marijuana users there are in the world. Please sub...
Abortion 2010-09-23 (closed)
This is a school project for my AP Government class please help by answering.
Racism and sexism amongst youth in the United States 2011-01-13 (closed)
I'm trying to figure out what makes youth so apt to making fun of someone, for instance, because ...
Youth Violence and relation to Alcohol 2011-08-13
Youth Violence and relation to Alcohol
Are West Virginians' Unintelligent? 2011-09-19 (closed)
Are West Virginians' Unintelligent?
America? What do people of other Nations think? 2012-01-16
I would like to know what other people of the world think about America. Why are we the most hate...
Shoudl I grow up? 2021-02-01
I wondering if I should grow up. Or stay a little girl. What do you think?
Anthrax 2001-10-16
This Anthrax can cause death.
Fostering hate so close to 9/11 2002-09-16
in this time of rememberance of crisis, most media, including MSN are still fostering hate toward...
About POVERTY peoples!!! 2004-04-10
This poll is about the world problem of poverty...... plz vote in it because i want to pass HS
I, Robot Poll 2004-07-19
Compare your opinion with others in the class about I, Robot!
Veteran's Help 2004-08-12
After almost 40 years of fighting the "VA" I have learned and seen a lot of Disabled Ve...
Do you feel Embryonic Stem cell research is moral/ethical? 2004-12-27
I am polling individuals on their opinion of embryonic stem cell research. I'm intersested in kno...
Did George Bush Elect Himself? 2005-01-09
Well... Did he?
Tsunami - like i care! 2005-01-25
i cudnt care less, these people can fight for themsleves, unlike the millions of animals they kil...
Perceptions on Organ Donation 2005-02-08
Have you ever thought about organ donation? If not take a moment to think about it then take thi...
deforestation nation 2005-05-21
this is a poll about deforestation and the affects it has on the planet. do this poll and help sa...
People Who LIE 2005-09-12
A poll to see what people think of people who invent lies concerning others and how such individu...
Sixties pendulum 2005-10-19
How long till the pendulum swings back to 1967?
Marine Barracks Bombing 2005-12-09
See how much you know about October 23rd, 1983.
Mirrors 2005-12-31
I feel fat today. I have decided to remove all the mirrors, and i already have no scales...