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Controversy / Morality


Praise the lord! 2003-02-26
The lord works in mystrious ways, as does the plot of "blade" what does this mean? Will...
Passenger Restriction 2003-09-18
30 U.S. states have Junior Operator restrictions. One of these is a passenger restriction for six...
Is predjudice creeping back? 2004-03-08
Do you believe that <i>predjudice</i> has returned to the realms of acceptable beha...
American Betrayal 2004-06-04
There is a terrific new novel out there called "American Betrayal" that is being sold o...
The Fahrenheit 9/11 Controversy 2004-07-01
Howard Kaloogian of Move America Forward argues that movie theaters shouldn't carry Michael Moore...
Medical Marijuana 2004-07-30
I am doing a paper on Medicinal use of marijuana and wanted to do a poll on users of marijuana if...
Should Mary-Jane Be Legolized 2004-10-12
Look at the tile this is self explanitory
Pollution 2005-04-07
This poll is about pollution and how it affects people and the planet
Poverty 2005-05-20
Homeless around the world
water pollution 2005-05-24
water pollution
D12 or N*Sync? 2005-07-26
Imagine that you were a vocalist, choosing to cast your lot into either the 'gangsta rap' world o...
The Big Bang Question 2005-10-25
Currently this is the explanation of the Big Bang. Because we can meausre galaxies expanding fro...
Big Bang test 2008-09-14 (closed)
Big Bang Test On French Border
Designer Baby 2011-03-26 (closed)
Designer Baby
What topic should I try to inform my speech class on... on friday? 2012-10-01
I have to give a speech to my class tomorrow on a random topic that has a lot of value in America...
World Peace? 2015-04-18
World Peace?
Immigration Policy 2002-06-18
Do you approve of the Federal Government's handling of our Border and Immigration problems?
World Events 2002-09-16
Do you think we should take out Saddam Hussein?
World Hunger 2004-04-06
Hey y'all. I am doing a poll for my sophomore project at school. Please take a few minutes and ...
what are your feelings on habitat preservation 2004-04-19
Hey I am doing a poll for school on habitat preservation. When you give me your feelings on the s...
Che Guevara and his image 2004-04-26
Ernesto Che Guevara died over 30 years ago. Shortly after his death hippies started wearing T-sh...
The Deforestation Calamity 2004-05-03
This is a survey about deforestation for my sophomore project ¿­½ÉÈ÷µé ÇϼÅ.¤»
Are SUVs and full-size Trucks perpetuating the Iraq war? 2005-01-11
How do vehicles that waste gas affect our troops? Should those drivers be held responsible for t...
Is it me... 2005-07-06
These days, most people say they have the same goals. It seems that most arguements are pointless...
Occult phenomena? 2005-08-03
How credible do you find occult phenomena?