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Controversy / Morality


My poll is about saving the endangered species because they've lived longer than we have and dese...
TERRI SCHIAVO 2005-04-04
Should Terri Schiavo live or die?
Does diet pill work? 2005-04-18
Too much diet pill advertisements and commercials we've seen in our everyday life. Do you think i...
Water Pollution 2005-04-26
Water Pollution has been a huge problem for many hundreds of years.
DeFoResTaTioN- Please take it!!!!!! 2005-05-05
This is a survey for my sophmore project.---Please take it!!!!!!
Lack of Education 2005-05-24
Lack of education is a serious world problem which contributes to poverty and war among other thi...
George W. Bush: Impeachment Time? 2005-10-13
Should George W Bush be impeached for ignoring all of the warnings he was given by advisers and s...
Randomness 19 2006-02-13
Totally Random Things
Lack of Education Survey 2006-04-19
Please take this quiz!!!!! I need people to!!! It asks people about the world problem lack of edu...
Ozone Depletion 2006-05-08
sophmore project poll simple 5 t/f y/n questions. thanks for taking the time doing it.
An Economic Decision 2007-02-05
Around 1930, John Maynard Keynes discovered a revolutionary theory of economic management for the...
opium bars 2008-03-31
Mwoohahaha! Opium.
Have you ever taken someone else's meds? 2008-07-05
When you were sick or in pain, have you ever taken someone else's medication? Did they know? Did...
Is kissing a 22 year old better than kissing a normal person 2008-09-24 (closed)
Is kissing a 22 year old better than kissing a normal person
Halo Poll 2009-02-23
I'm curious. I want to know how many people would volunteer to be test subjects for a super-soldi...
Poll of the Week 2009-06-17 (closed)
Poll of the Week
Does Brett Have an Arm? 2009-08-03 (closed)
Today there was increasing evidence (as seen in this photo: http://www.facebook.com/editphoto.php...
Boot Camp 2011-03-23 (closed)
Test of the community's desire for punishment of a youth offender.
What Are Your [Philosophical] Convictions? 2011-09-13
Before I tell you the purpose of my poll, if you're looking for the results, then goto the discus...
Death, Morality and Taxes 2001-03-03
Are there double standards for individual and collective behavior? Should there be?
Adversity of the Media 2001-11-09
Our poll discusses the media, and its mannerisms. How does society censor various aspects of the...
Parking Habits 2001-11-17
Parking - the bane of road rage
Domestic Violence Laws in Wis 2002-04-09
Please answer all questions truthfully.
Do you think... 2002-08-05
A poll about present, past, and future. A serious poll for serious people.
Lyrical Impact 2002-12-12
This poll hopes to obtain a general opinion on weather people find lyrics in modern music to have...